KAN Wai Sum Daisy
KAN Wai Sum Daisy, Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
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Chengdu people have a simple and self-confessed lifestyle. They could sit for a drink at tea house or play a whole-day mahjong. No worries; no stress. I believe it is a great place for retirement. Chengdu is a populated city and people there are self-sufficient. Even though they suffered from tremendous loss in the Earthquake, they did not blame. They enjoy the lives. They do not rush for work, for school and also for money. I really admire their living attitude.

Hong Kong is my homeland. I born and live in Hong Kong for 20 years. Hong Kong is famous for its international status and the financial hub. However, Hong Kong people forget the way to smile; adults earn for their living; young teenage struggle for school and assignments. They blame; we blame. We long for a bright future but we lost our smile and hope in the arduous adventure.

After I came back to Hong Kong, I keep reflecting my living attitude and my feeling towards Chengdu. A female tour guide was a survivor in the 2008 Beichuan Earthquake. In her sharing, I could feel her sentiment and courage. She missed her classmates and the dead in the disaster. It is good to see her returning to a normal life and share her experiences with the people. How about me? I have everything. I have my family, could go to college, and have the chance to experience, to feel and to understand. I will remember how to smile and should treasure all I have.