Vu Van Dau
Vu Van Dau, School of Nursing
Sharing on Fujian Cultural Tour

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My deep impression of this city is a bustling Xiamen with rhythm of modern life hidden deep in appearance, peaceful and tranquility. My viewing angle of life in the city was made complete in 3 short days with my friends from PolyU. However, that period was enough to give me long time memory with the clean and beautiful, orderly house like a neatly arranged, sophisticated city of Xiamen - coastal city beautiful beach overlooking the Strait of Taiwan. From an elevated position in the city, could see the offshore island of Taiwan. From the 16th century, Xiamen has become a commercial port of trade with Europe. Currently, Xiamen port is among the top 10 ports of China. Besides the tall building, Xiamen also has many old quarters marked with slow lifestyle. Xiamen attracts those of us who are interested in beauty, peace and beautiful natural scenery and temperate seas.

The destination that I like the best is Gulang Yu Island. To get to Gulang Yu Island - wide 1.9 kilometer Square Island, we must travel by ferry. The island does not have a bicycle, motorcycle or car; the locals go by foot or electric vehicles. They call Gulang Yu Island is "Garden on the Sea" by lush vegetation here, greenery radiant seasons. This island is considered as island music with piano museum. Especially, when visiting the Gulang Yu, you will feel like somewhere with silhouette of a classic European town through the magnificent mansion built by the European and Chinese people who formerly living there.

Xiamen is also known as a key tea trading export portin China. This would understandably be considered by Fujian Oolong tea center of this country. When my friends and I entered in some shops, we were invited to drink a typical regional formula tea. Dry tea in Xiamen have mild taste, very fragrant frugal and incense. Tea there is not as strong as Thai Nguyen tea in Vietnam, but the fragrant smell is very engaging.

Xiamen is a beautiful port city with sidewalks planted with many trees and large parterres, an idyllic city, a port city shimmering in the night, and typical tourist destination of Fujian province, China. I feel very happy and cherish period in Xiamen with friends from PolyU.

Thank PolyU, thank OSD and Ms. Connie very much!