DING Wing Mee
DING Wing Mee, Faculty of Business
Sharing on Taichung Tour

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Thank you MISS for organizing a great cultural tour to Taichung. Taichung is a beautiful and lovely city that is suitable for a short gateway. I like this trip as it focuses on the natural environments that allow us to escape from busy city life. Living in city is hectic and anxious, and you don’t have many chances to see and feel the nature. During the trip we stayed in Dongshi farm, a home stays that allow us to explore the nature, and enjoy hot spring there. Besides, we went to the biggest night market in Taiwan– Fengjia Market, where we enjoy the street food and did some shopping. This trip is well organized as you get to explore the natural side and city side of Taichung. However, it will be better if we have more time to travel in details. Thank you for providing great food and hospitality for us, I enjoyed very much in this trip and I am happy to meet some new friends in this trip.