LUO Jinying
LUO Jinying, Faculty of Business
Sharing on Life Exploration Camp 2015


As time went by, the life exploration camp soon came to an end.But the journey of life won't stop. In the precious three days, I made many friends who have been my trust friends in my whole life. I still remember what our mentor, Leon, wrote in the card. "Where are people from?where will people go? What should people do between coming and going?" Though these three questions are little difficult for me now, after joining this camp, I began to think about them. I still began to think about why we should open our hearts and let others come into it. How can we find the best method to express ourselves to let others know ourselves better? Why should people communicate and share with each other? I think that beginning to think about these questions is the best thing that the life exploration camp gave me. In this camp, I got the courage to tell others what I am thinking and my feeling and felt they cared me deeply. In general, I learned a lot about life and myself and these will influence me for life long.