Jonatan, Faculty of Engineering
Sharing on Weekend Tour - Macau (Sem.2)


"The Macau weekend trip was a very relaxing and joyful trip there everything where very well planned and they took us to all the worth seeingplaces. My favorite was the ruins of St. Paul and the surroundings where you could walk around in the curvy streets and taste the different cookies and other snacks they offered. Another exiting experience was the visit to Macau Tower and enjoyed a terrific lunch buffet in the same time as the whole restaurant slowly spun around and let us saw the entire city during our meal.

The group was so fun to travel with and the group dynamics felt very solid even though we just meet and people where from all of different places in Asia, Europe and US and I learned a lot about their exiting cultures, I have even time to practice my mandarin a bit.

Over all am I very satisfy with the trip and surprised over how much you can do in a little more than 24 hours, much thanks tothe amazing guide that gave us better understanding and the background story about the places we visited. I highly recommend this trip and will certainly join another trip with MISS."