Bash, Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
Sharing on Weekend Tour - Macau (Sem.2)


When I registered for the Macau weekend trip, I did not have very high expectations of what am I going to experience, but honestly said, the trip was beyond amazing. I enjoyed myself to the fullest as I met lots of local, Chinese and international students and we became friends. I had a chance to talk to local students about all the traditions and history of Hong Kong. It broadened my knowledge about this amazing city! I loved how everybody was so helpful, nice and open minded. The chaperones were amazing and so friendly. 

I have to highlight high quality of organisation of this trip. The transportation, accommodation and especially food were so good. My favourite was the Macau tower what allowed me to see the whole Macau and to enjoy absolutely delicious food at the same time. I have tried the Macau traditional cookies and ate the traditional food what helped me to understand the local culture even more.  I am not very sightseeing type of person, but all the places we went to (museums, churches, centre of city) were so interesting and I was not bored once. As the culture in Macau is quite mixed with European, I felt like home couple of times, especially when we visited the typical catholic church. 

I highly recommend this tour to every student as it will be weekend to remember!