Vyonie Chong
Vyonie Chong, Faculty of Business
Sharing on Study Tour - Hangzhou

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In my past life time, I seldom got a chance to go travel except business trip. To be honest, this was my first formal travel experience and I really enjoy. The five days’ trip seems short; it was a long trip indeed because I acquired a lot.

We went to various museums and explored valuable Chinese culture such as Tea and Seal. It was a bit pity that the Silk Museum was not available for visiting or else it must be very attractive to female members. Besides, by visiting the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Zijin’gang Campus, Zhejiang University, I found the learning environment are quite different with Poly University. I felt really appreciate to the tour guide in Zijin’gang Campus as he was extremely familiar with the campus’ history and presented a very clear story to us.

The most unforgettable site should be the Humble Administrator’s Garden. I like the Chinese ancient scenery, that’s why I really enjoy the moments in the Garden. The wisdom and aesthetics of the ancient people were admired. Technology was said zero in the ancient times. However, they were able to construct such a beautiful and sustained garden. What a magic history! 

Apart from the above, the most valuable memories were gathered from my team members. We were from different major and even didn’t know each other before, but we got familiar with each other in a very short time. We were surrounded by our happiness all the way. I will treasure our friendship and wish it will last forever.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Andrew Chu for giving me the opportunity to upgrade my horizon and meet a group of wonderful friends. It was really a wonderful journey!