ZHANG Hanyan
ZHANG Hanyan, Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
Sharing on Study Tour - Hangzhou


At the night before departure, I could not stop worrying about the tour. Because as a mainland student, I was nervous about being with a group of Hong Kong students who speak Cantonese that I never understand. However, it turned out that all my worry was for naught. The communications within our group members went quite smooth. All group members are friendly and willing to help and , of course, I got a great improvement in Cantonese.

By visiting serveral places of historic interest, I found that the elder genteration are doing so much to protecting them. I used to take these historic sites for granted because we have a lot of similar sites on our lands as China is one the four ancient civilizations. However, the numerical superiority should not make us ignore the importance of protecting historic sites.

The most useful thing that I have learned from this trip is to overcome my psychogeic disorder of getting along with people from different background. In future. I will manage to step out my comfort zone more frequently and discover more about the places as well as the people around me.