Riley Chan
Riley Chan, Faculty of Business
Sharing on Chinese Culture and Economic Development Study Tour (Guangzhou 2015)


The Guangdong study trip was undoubtedly meaningful trip. The acquisition of knowledge and the interpersonal happiness experienced from the trip could hardly be acquired from books and lectures. I was delighted and grateful to have such an excellent trip held by MISS, not only to travel, but also to learn, to explore and to reflect. It did not only for me to broaden my horizons or to maximize experience, but also serves as internal growing process for me to become a comprehensive, globalized and well-rounded person.

The tour was indeed interesting, well-organized and inspiring. It was a mix of cultural (visit Sun Yat Sen University), educational (seminars) and social (opportunity to meet new people) aspects all packed in to an incredible week.

China’s economic growth impresses the rest of the World. The tour offered a precious opportunity for me to have a glimpse of today’s China and its economic development through a series of seminars and site visits.

I strongly believe that joining the Study Tour is a valuable opportunity to learn and experience the economic development of China. It would definitely enhance my career in future.