Full-time non-local students in publicly funded undergraduate programmes admitted in the academic year of 2009/10 onwards are eligible to apply for accommodation at the University's Student Halls of Residence and normally be provided with hall places for the first three years of their studies, subject to availability of hall places.  While students progressing to their fourth year of study are advised to search for and secure their own accommodation in the market, they may re-apply for further residence in University-managed Accommodation but are reminded that re-admission is not guaranteed.  The application for re-admission, if any, will be processed according to Allocation Principles publicized and will be subject to availability.  For further details, including the allocation principles, please check out the hall web-site.

For other study mode students (e.g. postgraduate student), the University provides the option of University managed Off-campus Housing, which is operated on cost-recovery basis with quality property management. Please visit the following website for the application and details

Besides, you may also consider the following accommodation yourself in the private market.

 Contented Living Ltd  HolyCarpenter  UniHall
(Recognized Self-arranged Accommodation) (Recognized Self-arranged Accommodation)  (Recognized Self-arranged Accommodation)


 Student Hostel  label-Wing-Kong-Ltd  
(Recognized Self-arranged Accommodation)  (Self-arranged)  

There are some important guidelines that you may need when renting a flat:

Dos and Dont’s when renting a flat
Note on Signing a Tenancy Agreement