University Life in PolyU

List of services and facilities available for FULL-TIME non-local students:

a. Counseling Services
Professionally-trained and experienced counselors are available to listen to your concerns, provide support and explore ways for achieving changes that you would like to make. The service is free and all information will be kept confidential. If you want to have appointments with our counselors, you can book on-line at: for counseling appointment.

b. Physical Education Programme

Physical Education Programme aims to promote physical well being through the provision of PE Courses and Healthy Lifestyle Activities will be offered. Please click here for details.

c. Student Facilities & Amenities

Sports Facilities


  • Shaw Sports Complex consists of Sports Hall No.1 for major ball games; Sports Practice Hall for badminton, martial arts, fencing, and volleyball; a fitness room; two golf practice bays; an activity room; two rooftop tennis courts, and a table-tennis room.
  • Michael Clinton Swimming Pool adjacent to Shaw Sports Complex, is an outdoor pool of 50 meter in length with 8 swimming lanes.
  • Fong Shu Chuen Hall near Shaw Sports Complex is a multi-purpose sports hall for basketball, volleyball and badminton.

  • Kwong On Jubilee Sports Centre in the Communal Building comprises Sports Hall No.2 for basketball and badminton, four squash courts, an activity room and a laboratory for fitness testing.


The Joint Sports Centre at Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong, which is shared with Hong Kong Baptist University and the City University of Hong Kong, provides a 400m all-weather track, a 11-a-size natural grass soccer pitch, an outdoor multi-purpose court for basketball, volleyball, handball and five-a-side soccer; and four tennis courts for sports competitions, training and recreational use Booking of the above sports facilities can be made at Kwong On Jubilee Sports Centre, Shaw Sports Complex, or via the web at

Communal Facilities

  1. Facilities available at the Amenities Centre include music appreciation and practice rooms, multi-purpose rooms, common rooms, and exhibition venues.  Online booking is available at .
  2. Prayer Room is located at PQ502a. This room is for praying only and no advance booking is required. You may click here for details regarding the use of the Prayer Room.

Visit Centre STARS website at or call Enquiries Hotline at 2766 6800 to obtain general information and application details for services and facilities listed above.