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Registration, Programme and Course

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is the largest government-funded tertiary institution in Hong Kong, Our mission is to provide high quality education of an applied nature that meets the changing requirements of the community, and to prepare you for the challenges in your future career. We are very welcome you to be one of our students.Please click here for details.

you are also recommended to read the Study @ Polyu homepage for checking the details of undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes.

You can simply complete the undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes admission online at here.
For the Research Postgraduate detail, please click here.





General University Requirements

General University Requirements constitutes the core general education curriculum of PolyU that all students must engage in. All degree students will need to participate in a comprehensive GUR which consists of six components:

  1. Freshman Seminar (FS)
  2. Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)
  3. Leadership and Intra-Personal Development (LIPD)
  4. Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)
  5. Service-Learning (SL)
  6. Healthy Lifestyle (HL)

In order to know more, please visit the webpage of Office of General University Requirements.





Academic Calendar

The academic year has two regular terms (Semester 1 and 2) and one non-regular term (Summer). Each regular term normally has 13-14 weeks for scheduled classes. After the day of each semester teaching ends, there is a short period of Revision Days, followed by an examination period. Please visit the website of Academic Secretariat to download the Academic Calendar under the item, “For PolyU Students”.




Student Guide

Academic Secretariat publishes a Student Handbook to give you an overview of the academic aspects of your undergraduate studies.The Chinese and English version of Student Handbook can be found at here. For the special needs of non-local students in PolyU, Non-local Students Service Team also publishes a Non-local Student Handbook for you. This handbook is specially prepared for you to help you get the most out of your stay at PolyU and in Hong Kong. We hope that you will make the best use of the opportunities and facilities available to you and wish you every success in your studies at the University, and a fruitful, enjoyable and memorable campus life.




Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a fundamental value that all students are expected to uphold.  At PolyU, various resources are available to provide a fair and honest learning environment which encourages you to maintain high academic standards. You must observe and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty in all the work you do throughout your program of study. For more information, please refer to Academic Integrity page.



Scholarship and Prizes


PolyU recognizes the academic and/or non-academic achievements of our students through offering different types of scholarships to our students. Normally, these scholarships are awarded to current students pursuing full-time undergraduate programmes leading to PolyU awards (i.e. HKCC, SPEED, PolyU inbound exchange students are not eligible) and divided into the following different type:

  • Entry Scholarships (for Prospective Students only)
  • Post-entry Scholarships/ Prizes awarded on the basis of academic and/or non-academic achievements
  • Scholarships for Overseas Exchange/Studies


Please refer to the Scholarships page of Centre STARS for further information.



Language Studies

Your Opportunity to Learn English
The English Learning Centre is primarily committed to developing students' English language skills and support students in the development of personal attributes and strategies for life-long learning. Through the carefully designed subjects and programmes, as well as the highly-qualified staff of ELC, PolyU students are ensured to possess the language proficiency and skills they need for their studies at the University and for their career.

Your Opportunity to Learn Chinese
The Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies is to offer high quality programmes which will equip preferred graduates with high levels of biliterate and trilingual skills and abilities which are to be used effectively in profession-based areas, and to conduct applied research that contributes to the study of Chinese in a bilingual context as well as bilingualism in a Chinese context, and that incorporates modern views and methods in disciplines related to such study.




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The University Library (Pao Yue-kong Library) was established on August 1, 1972. It is open to students and staffs of the University. The Library provides integrated and timely access to high quality scholarly resources, an inspiring environment for intellectual growth and discovery, with responsive and outreaching services delivered by knowledgeable and innovative staff. It commits to empower the University community with deep expertise essential to academic excellence, knowledge advancement and life-long learning. The Library comprises one of the largest collections of scientific, engineering and business materials in East Asia. Other areas of strength are information technology, computing, nursing, textiles and design. For more details please visit the web site of our Library



Tyhoons & Rainstorms

For the arrangements during there is a warning of rainstorm or tropical cyclone, please refer to the sSession, “Arrangements during Bad Weather”, in the Student Handbook which can be downloaded at the above Student Guide Session. Please also note that:

  1. Announcements made by the Education Bureau are not applicable to the University.

  2. The guidline in the Handbook does not apply to training/clinical placement outside PolyU campus. Students should follow the arrangements of individual organisations or the advice as given by your department.



Network Account (NetID)


The PolyU NetID (Network Identity) is your key to the central IT facilities and services including e-mail, University Portal, Academic Unix Cluster, and other network facilities and services. It is your unique personal identifier known by the University's computer systems which will enable you to apply a single username and password pair, named as PolyU Network Identity (NetID) and Network Password (NetPassword) respectively, to access the following facilities and services:

  • Staff Email Service(staff only)
  • University Portal (myPolyU)
  • Wireless and Wired Network Access (SPAN)
  • HelpCentre Online Tracking Service (HOTS)
  • Academic Unix Cluster, myStore, myWeb & mySurvey
  • iFolder (staff only)
  • Blackboard e-Learning Platform (LEARN@PolyU)

Please go to PolyU NetID page of ITS for further detail



Email Account

The PolyU Connect service is an e-mail, communication and collaboration platform for use by students and alumni. In additional to being a life-long e-mail service, the PolyU Connect also provides a host of other services including web storage, web applications, free software download, etc. To provide users with a wider range of communication and collaboration tools, the PolyU Connect Service, mainly for use by students and alumni is currently upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 platform. More information about the service is available at the PolyU Connect Website.




Student Computer Centre


The Student Computer Centre(SCC) is located at the M, 3rd and 4th floor of the Li Ka Shing Tower. All the PCs are connected to the Campus Network and can make remote connection to the central academic computer systems. All legitimate PolyU users(student or staff with valid PolyU Student/Staff ID cards) can use the facilities in the Student Computer Centre on a first-come-first-served basis and no prior booking arrangements are necessary. Check here for details.



Wireless and Wired Network Access On and Off Campus

PolyU staff and students can connect your tablet, notebook or smartphone to the campus network at library, all General Teaching Rooms (GTRs) and Lecture Theatres (LTs) on campus using the network outlets or wireless LAN (WLAN) that have been provided. WLAN access points have also been installed at all public areas and buildings on the podium leveland above. All PolyU students, once you have got your Login ID and Password, can access our wireless LAN and other network service on/off campus. You can find step-by-step setup and configuration procedure at here. You can also click here to get more information about these services.




E-Learning Support


In PolyU, The University has adopted Blackboard, named as LEARN@PolyU as the common Learning Management System. It is a user-friendly course development tool which enables teachers and students to build and use web-based course content. It provides the essential functions of interactive teaching/learning through the Internet including on-line discussion forum and chat room, interactive quiz, internal mail, class calendar, class management and performance tracking etc. For the other e-learning support, please visit ITS e-Learning Support page for more details.



Policies & Guidelines

The Information Technology Services Office (ITS) provides central computing, networking, and information resources to the PolyU community of staff and students to facilitate their teaching, learning, research and administrative activities at the University.

The privilege to use these valuable IT resources carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations, which are set forth in this PolyU Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for IT Facilities and Services. Under this policy, all eligible users are required to act ethically and legally, to protect the integrity and security of the systems, and to comply with all applicable laws, contractual obligations and regulations. Users must also abide by all the prevailing policies, rules, guidelines and standards applicable to the use of PolyU IT facilities and services, as announced by ITS or as promulgated on the ITS website from time to time. All the PolyU student and Staff should read the AUP carefully before activating their NetID. Please read the most current version of the AUP at here.




Finding Help

The Essential Information for New Students will give you a big help when you are a new comer in PolyU.

If you find any question/ problem regarding the IT issue on Campus, The ITS Help Centre can provide an one-stop, open-door help service to all students and staff. It located at Room M201 of the Li Ka Shing Tower. The HelpCentre consultants render professional and technical advice/assistance on matters relating to the use of PC software, e-mail, Internet, University Portal, various central computer systems and network facilities. You can also call the Help Centre Hotline 2766 5900 for technical assistance on your IT problems. (The Help Centre hotline operates a recording system 24 hours a day). You may also submit your IT problem to the HelpCentre Online Tracking Service (HOTS) using a web browser.


ITS Help Centre Service Hours

 During School TermDuring Class End
Monday - Friday 08:15 - 22:30 08:30 - 18:30
Saturday 09:00 - 17:15 09:00 - 12:00
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed Closed