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2019-10-08 Seminar - The Influence of Forced-Air Cooling on a 3D Printed Part Manufactured by Fused Filament Fabrication by Professor Chun-Ying Lee
2019-09-26 Seminar - Materials and interface in high energy density lithium and sodium batteries by Professor Zhaoyin Wen
2019-08-20 Seminar - Control of Marine Robots: Challenges, Methods and Applications by Dr. Xianbo Xiang
2019-08-15 Seminar - Definite integral stability method of multi-delay systems with applications by Dr. Qi Xu
2019-08-14 Seminar - Flexible structure vibration and its coupling with bounded sound spaces by Prof. Jingtao Du
2019-08-09 Seminar - Quick Screening Design of Solid-Solution Multi-Principal Element Alloy by Dr. Zheng Mingjie
2019-07-11 Seminar - Nanoglass: An novel approach to harden and toughen metallic glasses by spatial patterning of heterogeneities by Prof. Mo Li
2019-07-11 Seminar - Robotic Perception and Learning for Intelligent Manufacturing and Warehouse Automation by Professor I-Ming Chen
2019-07-09 Seminar - Extreme combustion: A New Frontier in Combustion Research by Hao Zhao
2019-06-21 Seminar - Data-Driven: Future of the Materials Science by Professor Hong Wang
2019-06-10 Seminar - RESEARCH ACTIVITIES IN THE ACOUSTICS LAB AT KAIST by Professor Jeong-Guon Ih
2019-05-28 Seminar - Size-dependent Probabilistic Damage Micromechanics and Toughening Mechanism for Particle/Fiber Reinforced Composites by Professor J. Woody Ju
2019-05-27 Seminar - Tuning the Interlayer Channels of GO Membranes for Molecule or Ion Transport by Professor Wanqin Jin
2019-05-24 Seminar - Challenges to Centrifugal Separation, the key to Biopharmaceutical Drug Production from Living Organisms by Prof. Wallace Woon-Fong LEUNG
2019-05-23 Seminar - All-electronic Nano-biosensors Based on Graphene Transistors by Dr. Zhao-Li Gao
2019-05-22 Seminar - 2D Structured Graphene Oxide Membranes for Gas Separation by Prof. Jerry Y.S. Lin
2019-04-15 Seminar - dD (d-dimensional) flows and cylindrically reduced passive scalars by Dr. Jianzhou Zhu
2019-04-09 Seminar - From Multimodal Tactile Signals to Compliant Control Using Robot Skin by Dr Emmanuel Dean
2019-04-01 Seminar - Robots That Reason: When AI Meets Robotics by Dr. Karinne Ramirez
2019-01-17 Seminar - How many parameters do we really need to predict the acoustical properties of porous media accurately? by Prof. Kirill V Horoshenkov
2018-12-04 Seminar - Flash-boiling Spray Behavior and Combustion in Spark-Ignition Direct-Injection Engine by Professor David L.S. Hung
2018-12-03 Seminar - Warfighter Protection and Structural Health Monitoring by Prof. Ken Loh
2018-11-26 Seminar - Nonlinear and time-variant behaviour for structural damage detection - recent developments by Prof. Wieslaw J. Staszewski
2018-11-01 Seminar - Nanostructured Materials for Energy Applications by Prof. Qiang XU
2018-10-29 Seminar - Underwater acoustic and the application of the hydrophone to assess the impact to marine mammals
2018-10-29 Seminar - From Spray Cooling to Droplet Impacting and Droplet Train Impingement by Prof. Fei DUAN
2018-10-26 Seminar - Image Processing and Machine Vision to Measurement, Motion Control and Automation quantification by Prof. Chieh-Li Chen
2018-10-25 Seminar - Improvements in Perovskite solar cells by Prof. Wallace Woon-Fong LEUNG
2018-09-04 Seminar - From Membrane- to Plate-Type Acoustic Metamaterials: Towards Large-Scale Noise Control Applications by Prof. Heow Pueh LEE
2018-08-23 Seminar - Development of a Collaborative Surgical Robot Assistant for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy by Tiffany Hiu Man YIP
2018-08-22 Seminar - Dynamic and flexible thermodynamic power cycles for efficient waste heat recovery by Dr Yu Zhibin
2018-08-15 Seminar - Exploring microperforated panel designs for duct noise control by Dr. Cheng Yang
2018-08-07 Seminar - Boundary Layer Transition Talk Series “Basic Issues of Laminar Flow Control for High-Speed Boundary-Layer Flows” by Professor Alexander V. Fedorov
2018-07-19 Seminar - Time-Domain Simulation of Acoustic Propagation in Complex Environments by Dr. Zhongquan Charlie Zheng
2018-07-11 Seminar - Overcome the strength-ductility trade-off in steels by a novel short-range ordering strengthening concept by Dr. Wenwen Song
2018-07-04 Seminar - Energy Shaping of Mechanical Systems via PID Control by Dr. José Guadalupe Romero
2018-06-28 Seminar - Recent Progress in Fundamental Study of Supersonic Combustion by Professor Fengquan Zhong
2018-06-27 Seminar - Nanowires Devices for Emerging Energy Storage by Professor Liqiang Mai
2018-06-20 Seminar - Computational Fluid Dynamics Application in Biomimetic and Marine Renewable Technology by Dr. Qing Xiao
2018-05-28 Seminar - Conceptual Study on Traffic Management of Multiple-Drone Operations in Urban Environments by Dr. Low, Kin Huat
2018-04-20 Seminar - From Generalised Analysis to Application Realisation of Cable-Driven Robots by Dr. Darwin Lau
2018-04-17 Seminar - Process Engineering Evolution and Innovations – Food, Society and Future by Professor Xiao Dong Chen
2018-03-20 Seminar - Nature-inspired innovations for engineering novel mechanical systems by Dr. Zuankai Wang
2018-03-13 Seminar - Human dental tissues - Nature's hierarchically structured materials by Professor Alexander M. Korsunsky
2018-03-05 Seminar - Nanofiber Photocatalyst in Purifying Air and Water by Prof. Wallace Woon-Fong LEUNG
2018-02-13 Seminar - Advances in Nanofiber Filtration of Nano-aerosols by Prof. Wallace Woon-Fong LEUNG
2018-02-08 Seminar - Traditional Chinese medicine describes the transduction pathways of signaling molecules 黃帝內經描述了信號分子的傳遞過程 by Dr. Yang LIU
2018-01-08 Seminar - Artificial muscles for MEMS, soft robotics, tunable optics & acoustics by Dr. Lau Gih-Keong
2018-01-04 Seminar - Flow over shallow dimple arrays by Professor B.C. Khoo
2017-12-11 Seminar - Dynamics of Super-Scale Modularized Floating Airport by Prof. Daolin Xu
2017-12-08 Seminar - Manufacturing of large components for the aviation using laser additive manufacturing by Prof. Xin Lin
2017-12-08 Seminar - Droplet Dispersion in a “Box of Turbulence” by Prof. Huan Lian
2017-12-07 Seminar - Metallic glasses: From fundamental research to application exploration by Prof. Gang Wang
2017-12-05 Seminar - Development of Advanced Flow Diagnostic Techniques to Study Complex Thermal/Fluid Phenomena by Professor Hui Hu
2017-11-29 Seminar - Alloy Design by Dislocation Engineering by Dr. Mingxin Huang
2017-10-09 Seminar - Aerodynamic Testing at Duplicating Hypersonic Flight Conditions with Hyper-Dragon by Prof. Zonglin Jiang
2017-10-03 Seminar - Acoustics and Vibrations from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne by Dr. Jean-Daniel Chazot
2017-09-28 Seminar - Multi-Objective Robust Optimization for a Centrifugal Impeller with Operational Flexibility and Discretized Interval Uncertainty by Dr. Yu-Tai Lee
2017-08-31 Seminar - Sound Quality Design for Industry Now and Future by Dr. Koji Ishida
2017-08-25 Seminar - Progress of the discrete unified gas kinetic scheme for multiscale transport process by Prof. Zhaoli Guo
2017-08-24 Seminar - The Propulsion of Flying and Swimming Animals by Prof. Yongliang Yu
2017-08-22 Seminar - Assessment of Wind Power Generation in Dense Urban Area by Prof. An-Shik Yang
2017-08-18 Seminar - Hybrid Nanostructures as Electrode Materials for Metal-Ion Batteries by Prof. Zaiping Guo
2017-08-08 A Joint HKSTAM/PolyU ME Distinguished Seminar - Topological Toughening of graphene and other 2D materials by Prof. Huajian Gao
2017-08-02 Seminar - Ligament formation mechanism and breakup threshold for the Faraday instability by Dr. Yikai Li
2017-07-03 A Joint HKSTAM/PolyU ME Distinguished Seminar - Hypersonic Research in the High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Göttingen by Prof. K. Hannemann
2017-06-30 Seminar - Challenges and Future Opportunities in Insect-inspired Flight Systems: from Biomechanics to Biomimetics by Professor Hao Liu
2017-06-27 Seminar - A Publisher’s Guide to Writing and Publishing Scientific Manuscripts by Gaëlle Hull
2017-06-23 Seminar - Physical Review X, and Q&A by Dr. Yiming Xu
2017-06-21 Seminar - Biofunctionalization of Metallic Biomaterials by Professor Ke Yang
2017-05-31 Seminar - Elastoplastic Damage Micromechanics for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Ductile Matrix Composites with Progressive Fiber Breakage by Professor J. Woody Ju
2017-05-25 Distinguished Seminar - Brief Introduction to Materials Informatics by Professor Tong-Yi Zhang
2017-05-18 Seminar - Telenav, navigation from Silicon Valley by Dr. Y.C. Chao
2017-05-10 Seminar - Inspection and monitoring of bond line defects in composite structures using ultrasonic feature guided wave by Professor Zheng Fan
2017-05-09 Seminar - Efficient Modeling Strategies for Linear and Nonlinear Ultrasonic Guided Waves in Structural Health Monitoring by Professor Yanfeng Shen
2017-05-05 Seminar - Inverse Design: Thermal Management and Control by Professor George Huang
2017-04-26 Seminar - Reaction Mechanism of Fuel-rich Combustion of Large Hydrocarbons by Dr. Xiaoqing You
2017-04-25 Seminar - Complex hydride solid-state electrolytes for Li, Na and Mg batteries by Dr. Ruben-Simon Kühnel
2017-04-11 A Joint HKSTAM/PolyU ME Distinguished Seminar - Fuel Options for Next Generation Chemical Propulsion by Prof. Chung K. Law
2017-03-17 Seminar - Research Technology Development – from laboratory to industrial application by Prof. Bill Zhao
2017-02-17 Seminar - Construction and evolution of vortex-surface fields in transitional flows by Dr. Yue Yang
2017-02-08 Seminar - Pressure Correction Method for Fluid-Particle Interaction and Two-Phase Flow Problems by Prof. San-Yih Lin
2017-01-24 Seminar - Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): CFD Analysis and Design of Powder-Fed Laser Cladding by Prof. Hsin-Luen Tsai
2017-01-24 Seminar - Purification of single-walled carbon nanotubes using thermocapillary flow by Prof. Jizhou Song
2017-01-17 Seminar - Energy gradient theory for flow instability and turbulent transition by Prof. Hua-Shu Dou
2017-01-09 Distinguished Seminar - Introduction to MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering And Using Nanostructures to Tailor Thermal Radiation by Prof. Gang Chen
2017-01-05 Distinguished Seminar - Advanced Energy Storage systems for enabling electrification of vehicles by Dr. Khalil Amine
2016-12-19 Seminar - Ultrasonic Guided Waves: "Promising Alternatives for Advanced Structural Health Management/NDE" by Prof. Younho Cho
2016-11-25 Seminar - Numerical modeling of high-speed non-equilibrium gas flows by Prof. Yevgeniy A. Bondar
2016-11-18 Seminar - Microstructure based material sensitive design by Dr. Yan Li
2016-10-25 Seminar - Roles of Applied Research Centre in Supporting Technology Innovation in the Construction Industries in Hong Kong by Dr. SHAM Man Lung, Ivan
2016-10-03 Seminar - Advances in Spray Atomization and Turbulence Theories by Prof. T.-W. Lee
2016-09-19 Seminar - Interfaces, adhesion, and the attachment of tendon to bone by Prof. Guy M. Genin
2016-09-07 Seminar - How are living things seen from dynamics and fluid mechanics? by Prof. Takayuki SAITO
2016-08-30 Seminar - Nonlinear Wave Scattering at the Interface of a Granular Dimer Chain and a Flexible Continuum by Prof. D. Michael MCFARLAND
2016-08-03 Seminar - Modeling and Simulation of Milling Processes by Prof. Avi Levy
2016-07-22 Seminar - Magnetic-Assisted Rapid Aptamer Selection (MARAS) & New Biomedical Application Horizon of Aptamer by Prof. C.Y. Hong
2016-06-27 Seminar - Towards Fusion of Vision with Robot Motion by Prof. Yunhui Liu
2016-05-27 Seminar - Functional nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage by Prof Qiang Xu
2016-05-12 RISUD Distinguished Lecture - A New Approach for Design and Testing of Composite Materials
2016-04-19 Seminar - Opportunities and Challenges of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Civil Aircraft Application by Dr. Limin Gao
2016-04-18 Seminar - Numerical Simulation of Broadband Noise for Aeroengines by Prof Xin Zhang
2016-03-30 Seminar - High-speed imaging for impact testing by Prof Han Zhao
2016-03-23 Seminar - Smart Structures for Space Exploration by Dr Hongyu Yu
2016-03-17 Seminar - Design with Constructal Theory: Recent Advances by Prof. Sylvie Lorente
2016-03-15 Seminar - Mechanical Microscopy at the Oxford MBLEM lab by Professor Alexander M. Korsunsky
2016-02-26 Seminar - Influence of relative humidity on the structure and electrochemical performance of LiFeSO4F electrodes for Li-ion batteries by Prof. Guohua CHEN
2016-02-25 Seminar - The Fast Spectral Method for the Boltzmann and Enskog Equations by Dr Lei Wu
2016-02-19 Seminar - Time-resolved Measurements and Mode Decomposition of Separated Flows and Wakes by Prof Yingzheng Liu
2016-01-22 Seminar - Damage-Tolerance in Multi-Element Metallic Alloys by Prof. Robert Ritchie
2016-01-21 Seminar - Modelling Residual Stresses in Heart and Arteries by Professor Xiaoyu Luo
2016-01-20 Seminar - Hypersonic Talk Series “Oblique shock reflection of a shock wave from an axis of symmetry” by Professor Hans G. Hornung
2016-01-08 Seminar - Tailoring Nanostructures for Energy Conversion Devices by Prof. Jia Zhu
2016-01-06 Seminar - Manipulating Tissue Using Magnetic Retraction in Minimal Access Surgery by Dr Yu-Sheng Lin
2015-12-18 Seminar - Improving combustion engines (and other systems) through automatic construction of detailed chemical kinetic models Preferred by Dr Richard West
2015-12-18 Seminar - Infrastructure Innovations in Australia using Composites by Professor Thiru Aravinthan
2015-12-15 Seminar - A new device for crossing chronic total occlusions by Professor Martin Brouillette
2015-11-20 Seminar - Nonlinear Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Early Detection of Material Degradation by Prof. Cliff J. Lissenden
2015-10-28 Seminar - Noise Research at the University of Southampton by Dr. David Angland
2015-10-26 Seminar - Tyre/Road Noise and Vibration: Understanding Their Interaction and Contribution to Vehicle Noise and Fuel Consumption by Prof. Ines Lopez-Arteaga
2015-10-20 Seminar - Ultrasonic Guided Dispersion Extraction and Its Application In the Long Bone evaluation by Dr. Kailiang XU
2015-10-19 Seminar - System Modeling and Control Strategy Development for a Series Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle by Prof. Chih-Keng Chen
2015-10-16 Seminar - Assessment of cerebral aneurysms and other vascular diseases using a fully circulative by Prof. George Huang
2015-10-14 Seminar - Life and Evolution, as Physics by Prof. Adrian Bejan
2015-10-13 Seminar - A tunable duct silencer using dielectric elastomer actuators by Dr. Lu Zhenbo
2015-09-30 Seminar - Some Aspects of Multiphase Flow Research by Prof Raymond Lau
2015-09-02 Seminar - Micro-Meso Swirling Combustion Chambers: concepts, projects and future developments by Dr. Angelo Minotti
2015-07-23 Seminar - On the interaction between mechanics and chemistry: two case studies by Prof. Pradeep R. Guduru
2015-07-17 Seminar - Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Aerodynamic Control with Synthetic Jets at Low Reynolds number by Prof. Pierre E. Sullivan
2015-07-10 Seminar - Nonlocal modeling in computational mechanics By Dr. Adam Martowicz
2015-06-29 Seminar - Simulation of Low Reynolds Number Flows By Dr. Jörg Schlüter
2015-05-21 Seminar - Recent Advances in Condensation Heat Transfer By Prof. Ping Cheng
2015-05-11 Seminar - CANDU Fuel: Design Improvement Initiatives By Dr. Paul K. Chan
2015-05-06 Seminar - The surface eigenstress model and size-dependent Young’s modulus and ultimate tensile strength* By Prof. Tong-Yi ZHANG
2015-03-23 Seminar - Advancing combustion as a transdisciplinary thermal science & Engineering the leader: A Princeton/personal perspective By Prof. Chung K. Law
2015-03-16 Seminar - Development and Performance Characterization of Cobalt-Based Superalloys By Dr. R. Liu
2015-03-10 Seminar - Nanoindentation: Fundamental Mechanics and Practical Experience By Dr. Haimin Yao
2015-01-23 Seminar - Bio-inspired mechanical system: from animal locomotion to the cardiovascular system By Dr. Hao Liu
2015-01-22 講座 - 科普報告:神奇萬能的衝擊波 - 由張德良教授主講
2014-12-11 講座 - 壓電復合結構中彈性波傳播特性分析及其在高性能聲波器件中的應用研究 - 由金峰教授主講
2014-12-10 Seminar - Model Developments and Validation studies on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells By Dr. Liang Hao
2014-12-08 講座 - 西安交通大學的輕質多孔材料與結構多功能一體化設計及應用基礎研究進展 - 由金峰教授主講
2014-12-02 Seminar - Mesoscale Simulations of Boiling Heat Transfer Phenomena: A New Approach for Phase-Change Heat Transfer Research By Prof. Ping Cheng
2014-11-27 Seminar - Optimized Unstructured and Structured Finite Volume Simulations using GPU and Phi Coprocessors using Dual Layer Parallelization By Dr. Matthew Ross SMITH
2014-10-28 Seminar - Study on optimal parameters estimation and cell performance of a proton exchange membrane Fuel by flow modification By Professor WU Horng Wen
2014-10-24 The 4th East Asia Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering Workshop
2014-10-14 Seminar - Flexible Energy-Efficient Manufacturing By Prof. Jian Cao
2014-09-29 Seminar - Starting and Design of Axisymmetric Scramjet Intakes for Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion By Dr. Hideaki Ogawa
2014-09-12 Seminar - Prediction of Dynamics and Thermal Fields using Immersed Boundary Method with Moving Embedded Object By Dr. Chao-An Lin
2014-09-05 Seminar - Metal forming related research at Nottingham By Dr. Hengan Ou
2014-09-05 Seminar - Recent research progress in conventional spinning at University of Sheffield By Dr. Hui Long
2014-07-10 Seminar - "What is a Fluid and how do we model them?" By Prof. K R. Rajagopal
2014-06-24 Seminar - Nanomechanics and nano-manufacturing research at The University of Queensland
2014-05-15 Seminar - Damage Mechanics, Material Modelling and Forming Limit Diagram of sheet metals by Dr. Chi L. Chow
2014-05-12 Seminar - Base Isolation using nonlinear mode localization and modal LQG control by Dr. Yumei Wang
2014-04-22 Seminar - MEMS and Microfluidics Research at HKUST by Dr. Yi-Kuen Lee
2014-04-07 Seminar - Multifunctional composites containing ferromagnetic microwires by Professor Hua-Xin Peng
2014-04-02 Seminar - Modeling the solidification, growth and properties of multiferroic polycrystalline materials by Prof. Ken Elder
2014-03-27 Seminar - Mechanics of Soft Materials-Large Deformation Kinetics of Hydrogels and Predicting Mechanical and Physical Properties of Silica Aerogels using Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Analytical Approach by Prof. Zishun Liu
2014-03-24 Seminar - Micromechanical Behavior of Super Duplex Stainless Steels by Dr. Ru Lin Peng
2014-02-26 Seminar - Cyclic Deformation Response and Fatigue Crack Initiation of Polycrystalline OFHC Copper Under Pure Compression Fatigue Condition by Dr. Zhirui Wang
2014-01-27 Seminar - New Approaches to Surface Engineering and Grain Refinement of Metals, and the Future of Metal Research by Professor Mingxing Zhang
2014-01-21 Seminar - In-situ TEM study on the carbon coating for lithium ion battery application by Prof. Hongtao WANG
2013-12-13 Seminar - Complexity on droplet evaporation by Dr. Fei Duan
2013-12-06 Seminar - Introduction to Energy Research Institute at NTU by Prof. Siew Hwa CHAN
2013-10-14 Seminar - Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion by Prof. Gang Chen
2013-10-11 Seminar - Dynamics-based Damage Identification of Composite Structures by Dr. Pizhong Qiao
2013-10-08 Seminar - Development and Performance Evaluation of Electromagnetictype Shock Wave Generator for Lipolysis by Dr. Shen-Min Liang
2013-10-03 Seminar - Synthetic Jet – Its Modeling, Testing, and Application in Active Flow Control by Dr. Hui TANG
2013-10-02 Seminar - Numerical simulation of acoustic waves in air and poroelastic media using the partition of unity finite element method by Dr. Jean-Daniel Chazot
2013-09-26 Seminar - Electrospinning Nanofibres/Nanocomposites: An Alternative Material Fabrication by Dr. Yu Dong
2013-08-21 Seminar - Draw Resistance of Cigarette and Effect of Non-isothermal Condition on Heterogeneous Flow in porous Media Pressure by Su Zhongdi and Yan Weiwei
2013-07-26 Seminar - The Progress in Shock Dynamics by Dr. Chun Wang
2013-07-26 Seminar - Ground-based Study on Hypervelocity Flows by Dr. Zongmin Hu
2013-07-23 Seminar - How cells respond to their mechanical environment: from substrate to nucleus by Dr. Julie Ying Hui JI
2013-07-23 Seminar - Biomechanical Measurement and Modeling of Sound Transmission in Normal, Diseased, Implanted Ears by Dr. Rong Zhu GAN
2013-07-22 Seminar - Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Waves for NDE and SHM by Prof. Tribikram Kundu
2013-07-18 Seminar - DNS and Data Assimilation of compressible jets and shear layers by Prof. Jörn Sesterhenn
2013-06-10 Seminar - How to prepare a high quality NFSC proposal? by Dr. Libo Yuan
2013-06-07 Seminar - Sustainable composites for commercial aviation and building infrastructure sectors by Prof. Debes Bhattacharyya
2013-05-24 Seminar - Modeling and Path-Tracking Control for a Riderless-Bicycle System by Prof. Chih-Keng Chen
2013-05-24 Seminar - Drag reduction with suction and pulsed blowing actuator by Dr. Avrahame Seifert
2013-05-20 2nd Symposium on Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control
2013-05-07 Seminar - Sound Visualization by Prof. Yang-Hann Kim
2013-04-10 Seminar - Symposium on the Penn State Center for Acoustics and Vibration, along with recent work on the vibroacoustics of sandwich panels by Dr. Stephen A. Hambric
2013-04-09 Seminar - Probing Size-Dependent Mechanical Properties of Metallic Nanomaterials and Biological Structures by In Situ Nanomechanical Characterization by Dr. Yang Lu
2013-03-14 Seminar - Probing Mechanical Principles of Cell-Matrix Interaction by Dr. Jin Qian
2013-02-27 Public Lecture - Future of Aerospace Education and Research by Prof. Vigor Yang
2013-02-20 Seminar - Applications of high-speed imaging for compressible flows by Dr. Stuart Laurence
2013-01-29 Seminar - Research and Development in the Aerospace Engineering Division, MAE, NTU, Singapore by Dr. Simon C. M. YU
2013-01-11 Seminar - Bayesian Inference in Acoustical Applications by Dr. Ning Xiang
2012-12-19 Seminar - Nanomechanics of Engineering and Biological Systems by Prof. Huajian Gao
2012-12-18 Seminar - Improved CESE Method and its Application by Professor De-Liang Zhang
2012-12-11 Seminar - Structural Health, Usage and Condition Monitoring - Examples of Industrial Applications by Prof. Wieslaw J. Staszewski
2012-12-11 Seminar - Department of Robotics and Mechatronics University of Science and Technology AGH - Current research activities in SHM area by Prof. Tadeusz Uhl
2012-12-10 Seminar - From Insects to MAV - the Next Grand Challenge in Aerodynamic Designs by Prof. George Huang
2012-12-07 Seminar - Challenges and Recent Advances in Computation of Turbulent Jet Impingement Heat Transfer by Prof. Anupam Dewan
2012-11-28 Public Lecture - Microscale Transport Characteristics in Micro-Energy Systems by Prof. Ping Cheng
2012-11-22 Seminar - Thermal Transport in Nanoporous Si: Anisotropy and Size effects by Dr. Baoling Huang
2012-11-15 Seminar - Effects of time scales on spatiotemporal evolution of thermomechanical fields during cyclic phase transition by Prof. Qingping SUN
2012-11-13 Seminar - Application of Fuel Cell Systems for Long Endurance UAV-Past, Present & Future by Dr. Chivey Wu, Ph.D.
2012-11-09 Seminar - Progresses and Perspective of Applied Mechanics by Prof. LI Jiachun
2012-11-08 Seminar - New Concepts of Regenerative Resources Development and Usage by Prof. Chang-Hsien Tai
2012-11-08 Seminar - Bio-inspired Design of Dental Structures by Dr. Xinrui Niu
2012-11-07 Public Lecture - Some Thoughts on Global Warming by Harvey Lam
2012-11-01 Seminar - Processing and Mechanical Properties of Advanced Al-Si Based Alloys by Prof. Mok-Soon KIM
2012-08-13 Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer for Modern Gas-Turbine Engines Workshop (AHTGTEW)
2012-08-02 Seminar - Structure-based finite strain modelling of the human left ventricle in diastole by Professor X. Y. Luo
2012-07-20 Seminar - Micro Two-phase Heat Transfer by Prof. Wei Li
2012-06-01 Seminar - Spectral Properties and Models for Thermal Radiation from High‐Temperature Gases and Plasmas by Prof. Michael F. Modest
2012-05-31 Seminar - Acoustical Education and Research in Architectural Engineering Program at the University of Nebraska by Dr. Siu-Kit Lau
2012-05-16 Seminar - Flow duct aeroacoustics – Examples of Current Research Issues by Prof. Mats Åbom
2012-05-04 Seminar - Virtual Test Technology and Prediction of Curing Deformation for Composite Materials and Structures by Prof. Zhang Boming
2012-04-11 Seminar - Phase field modeling and simulation of nonlinear wrinkling and delamination by Dr. Yong Ni
2012-04-11 Seminar - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Developments in National Cheng Kung University by Professor Fei-Bin Hsiao
2012-03-21 Seminar - Nanostructured Networks: Materials and Applications by Dr. Zhiping Xu
2012-03-19 Seminar - Probing mechanical principles of cell-nanoparticles interaction by Dr. Xinghua SHI
2012-03-07 Seminar - From Hypersonic flows to Soap film flows; what is next? by Professor Chih-Yung Wen
2012-03-07 Seminar - Constructal Theory Today by Prof. A. Bejanand Prof. S. Lorente
2012-02-29 Seminar - Development of Human Flight by Prof. R. M. C. So
2012-02-07 Seminar - Progress in Research on Natural Ventilation ANC Windows by Prof Xiaojun Qiu
2012-01-18 Seminar - Innovation, Think Small by Mr. WONG Man Hin Raymond
2012-01-16 Seminar - Nanomechanics of nanotubes and graphene by Prof. Boris I. Yakobson