We have identified the following strategic areas with the aim to attaining a more effective and efficient resource deployment in our advances of technological frontiers.

  • Healthcare

    This area encompasses drug research and development, rehabilitation and biomedical engineering, biomedical science and diagnostic technologies, optometry as well as other areas related to the health and well-being of the global community.

  • Safety

    A number of technologies have been developed in response to the growing concerns about social safety against disasters. Our expertise in food, environmental, mega-structure, transportation and the like ensure your safety is safeguarded from what you eat to where you go.

  • Aviation and Aerospace

    PolyU has laid down plenty of milestones in this area spanning from transportation on earth to exploration in the space. The triumphs are not only confined to the quest for knowledge but also built for real-life applications.

  • Transportation

    With the escalating pressure on the transportation system attributed to rapid urban development, we have anchored our research focus in tackling the imminent issues on our busier-than-ever traffic from both micro and macro perspectives.

  • Sustainable Development

    To address rising concerns from the society to strive for a sustainable quality of living, the University spares no efforts in nurturing the research of this strategic area.

  • Other Technological Highlights

    PolyU’s research outputs and applications are not only confined to its strategic areas but also cover a range of disciplines and interests such as the School of Design, Institute of Textile and Clothing and so forth.

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