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Past Events

Feb 2017
Gamification: Beyond Competition


10 Feb 2017 - 10 Feb 2017


12:30pm - 2:00pm


TU411, PolyU


Dr Bronwyn Stuckey

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How can gamification be used for community development? This seminar will discuss ways in which a gamification strategy can encourage greater engagement and thereby community development. Onboarding into new community groups and spaces can be slow and frustrating. A well planned gamification layer has the potential to showcase the benefits of membership and decrease the time to active engagement. In an attention economy, new or reinvigorating communities need to work quickly to create a critical mass of membership, resources and rich dialogue. You have to look successful to be successful! Gamification could support rapid growth in professional learning contexts by employing strategies beyond the obvious trappings of competition (points and badges).

Come along to discuss gamification mechanics, rewards, microcredentials, tools and technologies that could benefit your community cultivation efforts.


Dr Bronwyn Stuckey, Director of Innovative Educational Ideas and Research Fellow at Arizona State University Center for Games and Impact.

Consultant Specialist in Game Play, Gamification, Communities of Practice and Learning Communities.

Bronwyn has been engaged in educational community and games in learning development for the past 15 years. She has worked to explore virtual worlds, games in learning, game inspired design. She focuses on how we can cultivate creativity identity, agency, citizenship, leadership, and community through innovative community development strategies.

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