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Past Events

Aug 2016
Summer School
International Summer School - Unlearning Knowledge Management


02 Aug 2016 - 04 Aug 2016


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Prof. W.B. Lee, Prof. Eric Tsui, Ms. Nicole Sy

Event fee:

USD 100

Please view here for the leaflet


3 Modules of E-learning + Site Visit + 2 Days' Seminars (4 sessions)


The learning will be delivered in 2 parts: The first part (online) is based on part of the MOOC that KMIRC released on edX last year. After gaining the basic knowledge, participants will come to PolyU and attend the second part which consists of interactive classes covering how to launch KM programs in organizations with particular emphases:

  1. Why do organizations fail to learn?
  2. How can we make use of technology to enhance our learning and knowledge sharing?
  3. Case studies and lessons learnt

E-learning Content:

  • Module 1: What is Knowledge Management?
  • Module 2: KM Tools, Applications & Case studies
  • Module 3: How to leverage the cloud for collaboration and innovation?

Seminar Content:

  • Session 1: Unlearning KM
  • Session 2: The role of technologies in KM
  • Session 3: Case studies and lessons learnt
  • Session 4: Knowledge Cafe & discussions


E- Learning course - HKPolyU mISE101- Knowledge Management and Cloud Computing is released now!

You may go to the following link to create your own account and activate your status to view the course materials.