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    PolyU Micro Fund 2014 Entrepreneurship Stream – Final Result Announcement

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    PolyU Entrepreneurship eNews (April 2014 Issue) - How researchers turned their ideas into business?

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    PolyU Micro Fund 2014 Innovation Stream – Final Result Announcement

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com PolyU Micro Fund Scheme (the Scheme) is a key knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial initiative aiming to

(1) cultivate an innovative and entrepreneurial ambience in the PolyU community,
(2) nurture socially responsible youngsters with "Do Well Do Good" entrepreneurship through practical hands-on entrepreneurial endeavours, and
(3) facilitate knowledge transfer of PolyU's innovations and technologies.

Prizes and seed fund will be awarded to winning applicants under two separate yet interlinked streams respectively:

(1) The Innovation Stream awards innovative ideas that can be readily adopted to develop a sustainable campus in PolyU; and
(2) The Entrepreneurship Stream supports good business propositions with a seed fund of HK$100,000 per proposal for their implementation.

The Scheme aims to stimulate and unleash students' and young graduates' creative potential; it also provides opportunities for them to have real-life experience in either participating in project implementation or running their own business operations. The entire Scheme is designed with experiential learning components to supplement conventional classroom teaching.