PolyU Environmental Week 2012, organized by the Health, Safety & Environment Office (HSEO), was successfully held from 26 to 30 March 2012 on campus. The theme for this year's Environmental Week is "Green Living, Living Green" focusing on the promotion of a sustainable life style. Collaboration with the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Green Green Hall Community (an environmental student group of the Halls of Residence) was sought to organize some parts of the programmes in order to enrich the contents. We also made a new attempt to obtain approval from the Student Affairs Office (SAO) to grant special scores for developmental programmes (ethics) to students who had attended certain approved programmes including the environmental talks, workshop and film show.



Environmental Talk Series

Two environmental talks were arranged on the first day (26 March) and on the last day (30 March) of the Environmental Week respectively. The first talk entitled "Low Carbon Living" was delivered by Mr Benny Kwan, Environmental Protection Officer of the Environmental Protection Department, who shared the practical means for a low carbon life style with respect to energy saving, water saving, waste reduction, materials recycling, green procurement, green transportation, maintenance of good indoor air quality, etc.

Mr Wing-Mo Leung was the speaker of the second talk on "Climate Change and Me". He is the former Assistant Director of Hong Kong Observatory and has been the host of many educational TV programmes on climate change. He listed the evidences of climate change around the world from a scientific point of view. His final comment on combating climate change was to try our best to adopt a simple and sustainable life style. These two talks were well received by our students and staff with many questions even after the talks.



Environmental Film Show – The Cove

The environmental film show was held in the evening of 29 March at the Jockey Club Auditorium. As the Oscar Winner for Best Feature Documentary in 2010, this film, "The Cove", exposes the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan and related issues on keeping dolphins in captivity. It states that dolphins should not belong in captivity, and challenges the audience with a variety of thought provoking issues such as animal welfare, nature conservation, etc. Our staff and students were deeply impressed by this film.



Photo Competition – My Green PolyU

To encourage students and staff of PolyU to capture the green features and the beauty of nature on the campus, a photo competition with the theme "My Green PolyU" was held from 1 March to 20 March 2012. This is the first photo competition ever held in PolyU Environmental Weeks and was glad to receive good response from PolyU members. Students and staff were welcome to participate. Relevant staff of PolyU and professional photographers were invited as members of the judging panel to grade the photo entries in terms of relevance, composition, technique and creativity. Three outstanding entries from each student and staff category were awarded and shared below. Each winner was presented with a valuable souvenir and a certificate. These photos were also displayed on PolyU's facebook during the Environmental Week from 26 to 30 March 2012.

Staff Category:

Mr Sonny TSE
(School of Nursing)

First runner-up: Second runner-up:
Prof. Francis WONG
(Department of Building & Real Estate)
Mr Sunny MK WONG
(Campus Development Office)


Student Category:

Miss Lai Fan LEE
(Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology)

First runner-up: Second runner-up:
Mr Tak Hung AU
(Department of Computing)
Mr Yuxiang TANG
(Department of Electrical Engineering)



Mini Green Workshop – the Culture of Indoor Plants

This workshop, designed by the Green Green Hall Community, targeted to encourage students and staff of PolyU to learn more about the characteristics of indoor plants, cherish the planet and enrich their green living style. It was held in the evening of 28 March 2012 with more than 50 participants. Representatives of the Green Green Hall Community served as instructors and shared their experience in cultivating indoor plants. They demonstrated each step clearly in a joyful manner, which had interested every participant. At the end of the workshop, each participant was satisfied, cherished the environment and brought home with his or her own plant.



Exhibition – Green Living


To coincide with the theme of this year's environmental week, an exhibition entitled "Green Living" was held from 26 to 30 March 2012 at the podium of DE Wing. This exhibition, which consisted of two parts, was organized in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The first part showed an environmental journey together with snapshots of green living at PolyU. The second part was a roving exhibition showcasing the development of environmental protection and green living in Hong Kong in celebration of the 25th anniversary of EPD. This exhibition was informative giving many green tips in our daily lives. The interesting interactive computer games provided at the exhibition booths also attracted many students and staff.