Hall Tutor

We invite applications for the appointment of Hall Tutor in the Student Halls of Residence at Hung Hom and Homantin.

The Student Halls of Residence

Residential life is an important component of university education outside the academic curriculum. The Halls provide an environment conducive for learning to promote community development, to facilitate social interaction and to enrich personal development through collaborative programs and services.

For details of the two Student Halls of Residence and the facilities therein, please visit the hall homepage at

Hall Tutorship


Applicants should be full-time members of the university's teaching staff (including teaching assistants and demonstrators), or administrative/executive staff (Band 3 or above), or full-time research students.

Hall Tutors should also have:

  1. Mature responsibility, good interpersonal skill, and the ability in motivating residents to know each other and develop themselves into social groups conducive to their learning process.

  2. Experience in residential life and language proficiency in English, Cantonese and Putonghua will be an advantage.

Role & Responsibilities 

  1. Hall Tutors should work closely with Warden-Tutor team to assist in the wellness, safety and disciplines of the resident students;

  2. Set a role model to fellow students in enforcing the Hall Regulations and report any irregularities happened in the respective hall to Hall Warden;

  3. To participate in induction meetings and informal meetings directed by Hall Warden so as to establish a close bonding among residents;

  4. Provide pastoral care for the residents to identify and assist residents who might have difficulties in adjusting to communal life in a hall by providing advice and guidance;

  5. Be available throughout the term for student consultation when required;

  6. Take the initiative to be mediators in case of resident conflict, to handle disruptive behavior/ activities and to help out in case of emergency and refer severe cases to the warden & Hall Discipline Committee or counselor if needed;

  7. Assume the role of a Duty Tutor for the respective hall at night by duty roster, as arranged by the Hall Warden;

  8. Exercise a duty of care to student of underage or with disabilities of the respective hall;

  9. Play the role of being the organizer or convener or person-in-charge in the hall activities and to work closely with student representatives and/or hall association to guide residents to organize hall activities conducive to the intellectual, social and cultural development of residents as well as cultivating a sense of belonging and community spirit among them;

  10. Support the Residential Education (ResEd) team to implement programs and organize activities;

  11. Other administrative duties assigned by Hall Warden to manage the respective hall.

Professional Development & Mandatory Requirements

  1. All Hall Tutors are required to live in the Hall throughout the appointment period.

  2. Induction training will be conducted for new tutors including skills and protocols in handling issues related to mental health and sexual harassment. Successful applicants are required to attend all mandatory induction training and other relevant ongoing training sessions and meetings throughout the service period.

Conditions of Service

  1. Tutorship shall be offered tentatively from 1 March 2017 to 30 June 2017 in the first instance and re-appointment may be considered in due course.

  2. For staff members who are on contract terms of service, their term of tutorship will not go beyond the expiry date of their existing contract.  For postgraduates, their term of tutorship will be ended at the completion of their study, or on 30 June 2017, whichever is shorter.

  3. The appointee is required to reside in the Tutor Room (Hung Hom, Homantin), which is a rent-free self-contained furnished room for single occupancy in the hall (without deducting salary as contribution towards the housing arrangement). The tutor will be required to pay for car-parking (if required) and the utility cost of the air-conditioning provided in the Tutor Room.

  4. Impact on housing benefits claimed
    (a) For staff members claiming the Home Financing Allowance (HFA) for a self-owned property, they may continue to draw the allowance with the live-in requirement waived upon appointment and on the condition that the property in respect of the Home Financing Allowance will not be let or sub-let or used for any purpose involving gain or profit.
    (b) For staff members claiming the Home Financing Allowance (HFA) or the Private Tenancy Allowance (PTA) for renting, they are expected to cease the tenancy during their term of tutorship.
    (c) For staff members who apply for the Home Financing Allowance (HFA) after the appointment as hall tutor, the same principle as stipulated in (a) above will apply.

Application Form & Deadline

Download and complete the Application Form.  Submit or mail it to Student Halls of Residence, 1 Hung Lai Road, Hung Hom or fax it to 3162- 3000 or e-mail the signed copy to before Wednesday, 8 February 2017. Unsuccessful applicants in October 2016 round will not be short-listed.


Short-listed applicants will be invited to an interview between 13 February and 17 February 2017.


Please feel free to contact the Hall Administration at 3159 0000. 


Hall Administration
Office of Student Resources and Residential Life
Centre STARS: Student Advancement and Resources

19 January 2017