Warden of KaiYuan Hall

Prof. To Chi-ho, School of Optometry

A warm welcome to KaiYuan Hall.

University life is definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences in life and  hall experience constitutes a big part of it. In particular, Hall residents can learn to interact closely with people of a variety of backgrounds and personalities. Naturally, there will be challenges: challenges of juggling time between hall activities and study, handling personality clashes among hall mates, tackling whatever problems being thrown at you. There will also be many opportunities – opportunities to share laughter and tears, to work and sweat together and to build life-long friendship.

These are all rewarding experiences that help student grow. I hope Kaiyuan Hall can provide the platform for you to flourish. The Hall Warden, Tutors and members of Kaiyuan Hall Students’ Association are here to promote participations and create healthy hall culture. I sincerely invite you to contribute and take part, and to make Kaiyuan Hall a “home away from home”.
I wish you all a very enjoyable hall life and every success in your study.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 August 2014 15:51