Warden of BoYan Hall

Professor Kwok-fai Chung, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

A Welcome from the Warden

It is my pleasure to welcome you to become a member of the Boyan Hall !

Boyan Hall is one of the nine student halls of the PolyU Student Halls of Residence (Hung Hom), and it is home to about 330 postgraudate students. As many residents of the Boyan Hall come from different parts of the world, we have significant varieties in practice, values and culture.
Staying together in a hall of residence allows us ample opportunities to appreciate our strengths and learn to respect our differences. We will also be able to develop mutual understandings through daily interactions. I had lived in a number of cities for a total of 12 years during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the U.K.. My personal experiences always remind me that though we have every reason to believe we are different, I hope that after a year of residence in this Hall, you will agree with me that we are actually not that different after all.
Enjoy your stay with us ! I trust you will find friendships, inspirations and encouragements in the Boyan Hall, day by day !

Professor K.F. Chung

Warden, Boyan Hall

PolyU student Halls of Residence (Hung Hom)

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