Warden of MinYin Hall

Warden of MinYin Hall

‚ÄčProf. Albert PC Chan, Department of Building and Real Estate

Message from the Warden

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the Min Yin family.  Please receive my hearty congratulations for having the opportunity to stay in Min Yin Hall.

In Min Yin Hall, we strive to provide residents with a caring and supportive living environment.  Our Hall Administration staff, Hall Tutors, Hall Students’ Association, Property Management and Catering Staff work earnestly to make Min Yin Hall a home which is safe, enjoyable and comfortable.  Your cooperation and consideration will be much appreciated to enable all residents to enjoy a peaceful environment conducive to Academic Excellence, Personal Development and Hall Pride.
I wish your stay in Min Yin Hall be filled with affirmative and inspiring experiences.  I greatly look forward to meeting you all.


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