Warden of WuXian Hall

Professor Andy Yeung, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

My warmest welcome to WuXian Hall! It is really my honour to take up the wardenship of this great residential hall.

Hall education is critical for all-rounded development of students. Hall-life education enables students to experience a humorous, supportive social environment, developing themselves not only academically but also spiritually. I did not have any chance to live in the hall when I was studying in City Polytechnic of Hong Kong (now CityU). However, I lived in a postgraduate hall at the University of Bradford, UK when I was doing my Master’s degree. I really enjoyed the cultural diversity there. Although not particularly active during my PhD studies, I made a number of friends when I was living in Wei Lun Hall (for a year), and Ricci Hall (for 3 years) at the University of Hong Kong (both were supposed to be undergraduate halls). Totally, I spent 5 years of my life living in the hall of residence.

As a warden my basic philosophy in hall education is very simple: We let students experience a caring, understanding and supportive social environment, and through this experience in their university life, students extend such an attitude to people around them, including their friends, family members and further colleagues. Different students come to hall to live in a different way they want. Yet, they all share something in common – students want a pleasant, caring environment and they wish to learn something in preparing for their future. I wish I could support your goal in a helpful and meaningful way. I hope I can gear a culture of supportive environment in WuXian Hall and let you live in this hall in a pleasant, friendly way that you always want. 

Live in WuXian Hall in a “Constructive Way That You Want!”


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