Warden of LiSheng Hall

Dr CHAN Engle Angela, School of Nursing

Message from the Warden

The concepts of experience and education have an intricate tie to John Dewey’s, one of the greatest educational theorists, notion about thinking is inquiry, inquiry is life and life is education.  In the students’ journey through their university education, there certainly will be time for them to think, in the forms of problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, asking questions and reflecting from their experience.  As they reflect and learn from their experience, they will come to understand more about themselves, about others and their environment.

To nurture themselves as independent thinkers with openness, being mindful about their assumptions, biases and as interdependent team players with sensitivity, respect and integrity is part of what, I believe, hall life/education is about.  Alongside this belief, learning beyond classroom teaching is my motto of student learning.  Informal learning through other social and community activities is equally important for their holistic development and their continuous growth to be a contributing member of the society.  Their knowing of self and of their peers are key to the building of relationships and developing a team spirit as they continue to engage in their academic learning and growing through various social and athletic activities.

Hall life/education supports the continuous development of students’ interpersonal, interdisciplinary, intercultural understanding and affords them the opportunities to learn about respect and openness for self and to expect the same values from one another.   Striving for a whole person development, cognitively, physically, psychosocially and morally is essential for building a hall culture of healthy lifestyle, teamwork, caring for each other, making things better and creating a difference to their own and each others’ lives as they continue to learn from their experience as both formal and informal education!


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