Warden of ChengDe Hall

Professor Namwoon KIM, Department of Management and Marketing

Message from the Warden

Welcome you to ChengDe Hall!!

It is my great pleasure to serve ChengDe Hall as the warden.

I believe that for most of the students, the Hall life may be the first time “away-from-home” experience that could possibly give them new enthusiasm but, at the same, pose different types of stresses as well. New foreign students may find it even more challenging to face a quite unfamiliar environment. I really hope that this Hall life will make our Hall students will grow in terms of social, intellectual, and multi-cultural aspects and eventually will contribute to their successful academic/social achievements.

For this purpose, in cooperation with Hall tutors, Hall management teams, and our Hall students’ Association members, I will try to nurture a healthy and fruitful environment for the Hall students and provide continuous efforts to solve the problems and difficulties that they may face. We believe the importance of “out-of-the-class” educational activities with which the Hall students can enrich their academic/social experiences in diverse dimensions. This belief comes from our philosophy that the Hall is not simply a place for sleep but a place for sharing and developing multiple features/merits of the students so that they can grow into all-round, socially cherished, and globally oriented personal identity.

I hope and trust that our Hall students will adapt to this new communal environment very well and lead a happy university career based on their proactive and cooperative Hall life.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 July 2017 11:16