Warden of XueMin Hall

Ir Professor Cheuk Ming MAK, Department of Building Services Engineering

A warm welcome to Xuemin Hall.

Dear Students,

On behalf of our hall tutors and myself, I warmly welcome you to join Xuemin Hall family!

I am the new Warden of Xuemin Hall. Thank you for the work of former tutors and former Wardens of Xuemin Hall particularly Dr. Sarah Kong. They have provided a supportive and caring environment to the students. The essence of Xuemin Hall I believe is to provide a supportive and caring environment to students so that they can engage themselves in hall activities, make friends and share with each other about their hall life. I really hope that not only Xuemin Hall can offer female students accommodations, but also it will help the intellectual, social and cultural growth of the students. Ultimately it will increase their sense of belonging to the community.

The Hung Hom halls are named after PolyU's motto of "To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind"("開物成務 勵學利民"). Xuemin Hall is one of the Hung Hom halls. Like Xuemin Hall, I believe that hall education forms an important part in students’ collegiate life. Both the university and the students can get benefits from the practical and inspirational influence of hall education. Different hall educational programmes and activities can be tailored to the needs of hall students. Hall education will assist the all-round development of the hall students and can provide intellectual guidance to students and help them to participate in activities and sports so that they will enjoy and appreciate more their culture and the PolyU study.

The Hall Warden, Hall Tutors and members of Xuemin Hall Students’ Association are to provide a caring and supportive environment. I hope that you will participate in the hall activities and be a part of them. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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