Warden of WuHua Hall

Mr. Simon K.W. Lau, Office of Student Development

Message from the Warden

Hall life is as an integral part of the university education that far more than a provision of accommodation for students. It is essential to provide a holistic living-learning environment to hall residents in order to contribute positive campus life experience.  Through a healthy hall life, the residents can get a good opportunity for their personal development as socially caring, globally sensitive and intellectually active professionals.

Students can be benefited through cross disciplinary and cultural interaction to promote collegiate life among hall residents.   It is a platform for building up a close and vibrant community that nurture friendships and foster inter-personal skill.  Hall residents should learn to interact effectively with their fellow hall mates of different backgrounds, that makes it an effective means to integrate students' social and intellectual lives, and thus, offers a precious opportunity for whole-person education.

Hall life can be an effective platform for grooming students’ leadership and encourage them to learn how to team up with other and promote integration between local and incoming students.  In building up a hall community that I wish the students at WuHua Hall will own strongly the sense of belonging and be enhanced effectively to communicate, co-operate and serve each other. 

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