Warden of LiZhi Hall

Dr Ricky Chan, Department of Management and Marketing

A Welcome from the Warden

It is really my honour to have an opportunity to serve as Warden of Lizhi Hall.

During my undergraduate and post-graduate studies, I myself was a hall resident for five years.  This experience makes me realize that a student hall is not just a place for students to sleep; it indeed provides them with valuable physical and mental space to experiment various ways of living as well as to explore the meaning of life. Through their participation in various formal and informal/social activities of the hall, students can make friends, cultivate their social and civic awareness, nurture their inter-personal and communication skills, develop their leadership, organizing and conflict-resolution competencies, and learn to understand others with different socio-demographic backgrounds. It is an integral part of university education and one of the keys to achieving ‘whole-person’ development for students.  
With the help of my hall tutors, hall management colleagues and hall association members, I will try my best to nurture a hall culture that enables students to pursue a fruitful hall life.  I really hope their hall life will one day become part of their good old memories as well as their cornerstone for further personal and career development.
At an individual level, I love sports, and in particular, jogging and tennis.  These activities can keep my mind fresh and train up my determination.  In a world of diversity, I believe different people may have different ways to strengthen their determination. Whatever these ways are, I really hope you, alongside what our Hall’s name (勵志) suggests, can develop a strong determination and use it to pursue your own goals in your life.


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