Regulations Governing Hall/Room Transfer & Procedures

It is understandable that living and sharing a room with a new face is not an easy task, yet learning to accommodate personal differences and living habit is itself a precious experience. Hence you are always encouraged to work out, as an opportunity to sharpen your interpersonal and communication skills, a way to live in harmony with your roommate(s).

However, if after the Adaptation Period (to be announced by email every year), you are determined to change hall or room, please take note the following procedures:

1. Hall Administration will start to accept applications after the Adaptation Period.
2. Applications for inter-Halls of Residence transfer (i.e. between Hung Hom Halls and Homantin Halls) will not be accepted.
3. Applications for Hall/Room transfer within Hung Hom Halls is subject to the approval of respective Hall Wardens or their delegates. 
4. Applications will be processed in accordance with the priority set by the Hall Administration and are subject to the availability of targeted hall/room. 
5. Applications that will result in an increase of single occupancy within shared rooms will generally not be approved unless with sufficient justifications. 
4. An administrative fee of $50 will be charged for each successful Hall/Room Transfer application. Please note that the administrative fee is non-refundable for whatever reasons when the hall resident accepts the offer of room change and receives the encoded key card to the new room.
7. Residents concerned who are found changing/swapping room without approval should be asked to move back immediately, subject to a fine of $200 and disciplinary actions. 
8. The period of Application for Hall/Room Transfer ends on 30 Apr. every year.

Application Procedures: 

  1. Download an application form (Hall/Room Transfer or Swap Room) or collect it from the Hall Reception at G/F 
  2. Submit the duly completed and signed application form to the Hall Reception for processing 
  3. The completed form will be sent to respective Hall Wardens for consideration 
  4. If the application is approved by respective Hall Wardens, the applicant will receive an email notification at their PolyU email account ( when a suitable place is located 

Important notes: 
Applicants should be responsible for checking their PolyU email account timely. If applicants fail to encode their PolyU cards within 3 days after notification, the approved transfer application will be withdrawn by the Hall Administration automatically without prior notice. 

Steps of Hall/Room Transfer 
After receiving notification of Hall/Room Transfer, applicants should complete full procedures as follows within 3 days:

  1. Go to the Hall Reception to encode the new door key to the student ID card;
  2. Settle an electronic debit note of $50 for the administrative charge of hall/room transfer;
  3. Conduct the inventory check of the new room;
  4. Vacate the old room;
  5. Call the Property Management Office (PMO) at telephone number 3159 0099 between 9:00am and 9:00pm to conduct the inventory check of the old room together with PMO staff;
  6. Return the inventory checklist of the old room and the new room to the Hall Reception;
  7. Please note that a penalty of $100/day and the lodging fee of the old room will be levied to the applicant who cannot complete the above procedures within 3 days of notification for holding two residence places concurrently.

For any enquiries, please email to or call the Hall Reception at 3159 0000.



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