Warden of Violet Hall

Professor Geoffrey Shen, Department of Building and Real Estate

Welcome to the Violet Hall – the hall that has a special theme of cultural diversity and integration!

The Homantin Halls are named with six rainbow colours. The violet colour of our Hall implies imagination, sensitivity and consideration. 

Hall life is part and parcel of your university education, complementary to the formal curriculum in classrooms. It facilitates your all-round developments through a variety of exciting activities, on top of your discipline-specific knowledge and generic skills.

As a resident of this hall, you will have the golden opportunities to appreciate and value cultural diversities; to build friendship with other hall residents from near and afar; to respect and care for other residents; and to develop leadership abilities to work with people of different cultural and professional backgrounds. All of these are essential elements for success in your career development.

I wish all of you a vibrant and enjoyable hall experience as colourful as the rainbow, and make it a valuable component of your university life! Supported by a group of excellent tutors, I look forward to working with you to make the Violet Hall a home away from home for all of our residents.


Last Updated on Thursday, 01 September 2016 12:26