Warden of Blue Hall

Dr. Howard Kwong, University Health Service

Hall life offers the “soft skills” education which an all-round education cannot be completed without. Very often, in modern day society, it is the “soft skills” that make one shines above the others. At University, there is no better platform than gaining excellent hall education in developing and improving ones’ social interaction, effective and ethical leadership skills. To become an effective communicator with good critical thinking and problem solving skills, I believe hall education is essential and conducive to learning at University.

“Blue” conveys a sense of calmness and peace. This Hall believes in promoting a well balanced education to all our residents. Not only excellent academic achievement are aspired in our hall family, we strongly believe in whole body development during the time in University - physical well-being, psychological resilience, and social harmony & maturity.

Physical Well-being

Not only participating in sports and physical activities improve our physique, good balanced diet and adequate rest are vital in a healthy physical well-being.

Psychological Resilience

A state of calmness to face any adversity in life is important in ensuring future success inadulthood in the society after graduation. Our students have every opportunity to become a leader in the future, and as for leaders, good psychological resilience is one of the most important personal attributes.

Social Harmony & Maturity

An ability to develop and maintain harmonious social relations with people from different backgrounds and cultures can be nurtured and matured through engaging in various hall activities and in supporting fellow hallmates in good as well as in bad times.

We are committed to giving you the best opportunities to cultivate wellness in lives and to succeed in the future.

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