Warden of Blue Hall

Prof. James J.Y. Dai, Department of Applied Physics

Welcome to Blue Hall!

University is an important stage of education where an individual learns to seek knowledge independently and manage one’s own time and future. That education extends to participation in campus activities and student hall education where students learn outside of the curriculum to achieve all-rounded personal development.

To face our increasingly international society, it is important to accept, respect, and appreciate people from different cultures. Growth and innovation often takes place when ideas from diverse backgrounds come together, and as warden, I will work to ensure everyone feels welcomed within the hall. Developing interests outside of courses is also an important part of personal development. Student halls will provide you opportunities to meet people and participate in different activates such as sports, music and arts should you choose to, which will help strengthen the body and mind. University can be stressful sometimes, but it is also important to learn to relax occasionally outside of lessons.

Our hall theme is “healthy life-style”, which encompasses physical well-being, social harmony and maturity. Our colour “blue” also symbolizes calmness and peace. Our hall residents should learn to live as a peaceful community and pursue studies in a welcoming environment. In my capacity as the Warden of the Blue Hall, I will work together with tutors and staff members to make your stay comfortable and foster a desirable environment for academic, cultural, extra-curricular and all-rounded personal development.

The warden’s team is here to provide support to you whenever you need it.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 September 2018 15:08