Warden of Green Hall

Prof. JG Teng, Faculty of Construction and Environment

Welcome to Green Hall!

Green is not just the dominant colour of the natural environment. It can also be a state of mind and a way of life. Our reliance on the environment for the very air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat makes it imperative that we ensure its sustainability, and that is what Green Hall is all about.

At Green Hall, you are one of many like-minded individuals with a concern for the environment. Your mindsets form the basis of a culture of sustainability for Green Hall. Activities such as recycling design & production and Earth Hours are organized to practice carbon-reduction on a collective level. Other activities such as Geopark tours and urban/eco-farming not only connect us to nature but also facilitate the development of a warm, caring and tightly-knit community. In addition to activities organized by Green Hall, you also have the chance to interact with residents of other halls through cross-over activities.

Green Hall also provides a learning environment to effectively complement your classroom experience. Many academically-oriented activities are organised to develop a supportive learning community.

This may be the first time for you to live away from home. While this new chapter of your life can be challenging, I am confident that you will enjoy the experience and will remember hall life with many fond memories in the years to the come.

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