Warden of Red Hall

Dr. Lit Siu Wai, Department of Applied Social Sciences

Dear Students,

I would like to reach out my heart and offer you a warm welcome to Red Hall.

For many of you, this might be the first time you live away from home (and your country). I hope that you can enjoy living in this “home away from home”. Hall life is fascinating and exciting, if and only if you can have a sense of belonging when both your personal and group interests are respected. As a relational community, the hall also serves as an extension of learning – learning to relate with oneself while everyday life is expose to interactions and influences from room-mates and hall-mates; learning to respect individual differences while at the same time learning to become an independent individual in an integral whole. I believe that every person and every community has skills and knowledge, strengths and assets that when mobilized, can contribute to the creation of a healthy community living. This extension of learning should go beyond the hall and the university to the various communities of our society as well.

Red Hall is a passionate caring community that places a high priority in the spirit of contributing to the community (both the hall community and the community in a broader sense – the various communities in our society) with our hearts. A will of dedication to giving, the most outstanding spirit of our hall, stems from a philosophy of mutual respect and mutual contribution. As the privileged group of university students, we have to reach out to the various communities with our hearts, to concern others, to commit and to contribute ourselves for the good of the society.

I believe that everyone in the community has something to offer. One of the most important things that I believe we can offer is an invitation to respectful partnership. As the hall warden, I would like to walk hand-in-hand with you in shaping the unique identity and character of our hall that make visible new possibilities.

“Do not keep back good from those who have a right to it, when it is in the power of your hand to do it.” (Proverb 3:27) 


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