Hall Wardens

Hall Warden, assisted by the Tutors, is an academic staff appointed to provide pastoral care to student residents and guidance to hall activities in the respective hall community.

If you would like to make an appointment with your Warden, please email or leave a note at the Warden's office where will be open from Oct.

Red Hall   Orange Hall
Dr. Mimi Li
Warden Office: Room 2211
Warden Office Tel. : 39962211
Campus Office Tel. : 34002320
E-mail : mimi.li@polyu.edu.hk
  Prof. Cecilia Li-Tsang
Warden Office: Room 1711
Warden Office Tel. : 39961711
Campus Office Tel. : 27666715
E-mail : cecilia.li@polyu.edu.hk
Yellow Hall   Green Hall
Dr. Jin Soo Lee 
Warden Office: Room 1511
Warden Office Tel. : 39961511
Campus Office Tel. : 34002238
E-mail : jinsoo.lee@polyu.edu.hk
  Dr. Horace Mui
Warden Office: Room 1011
Warden Office Tel. : 39961011
Campus Office Tel. : 27665835
E-mail : horace.mui@polyu.edu.hk
Blue Hall   Violet Hall
Prof. James J.Y. Dai
Warden Office: Room 0811
Warden Office Tel. : 39960811
Campus Office Tel. : 27665682
E-mail : jiyan.dai@polyu.edu.hk
  Shen Qi ping Prof. Geoffrey Shen
Warden Office: Room 0311
Warden Office Tel. : 39960311
Campus Office Tel. : 27665817
E-mail : geoffrey.shen@polyu.edu.hk

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