Regulations Governing the Use of Hall Car Park

1.                    General

The Regulations Governing the User of Hall Car Park stipulated herein apply to anyone who drives or parks a vehicle on hall premises. 

2.                  Exemption

These regulations do not apply to Fire Services, Ambulance, Police, or other official vehicles while they are attending to emergencies on hall premises. 

3.                  Interpretation 

In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:


i)              "PolyU" means The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

ii)            "The Halls" means the Student Halls of Residence of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

iii)          "Warden" means the Hall Warden of the respective Hall appointed by the University. 

iv)          "Tutor" means the Hall tutor who is either a University staff or a postgraduate student appointed by the University. 

v)          "Hall Administration" means the staff of Office of Student Resources and Residential Life, Centre STARS commissioned for ensuring the smooth operation and management of the hall premises. 

vi)          "Official visitor" means a visitor who is invited by a PolyU staff coming to the Halls for official matters. 

vii)      "Control Room” means the Hall Security Control Room, situated in the Property Management Office at the entrance of the Car Park. The Control Room is open 24 hours a day.   

viii)  "Security guard" means the security staff of the Property Services Contractor, who are authorized by the Hall Administration for enforcing the Regulations stated herein. 

ix)          "Car parking area" means any designated space for the purpose of vehicle parking only. 

x)           "Footpath" has the same meaning as in the Buildings (Private Streets and Access Roads) Ordinance. 

xi)          "Traffic Sign" means any hall warning sign-post, direction post, sign, line, or marking on the road. 

xii)        "Vehicle" means any vehicle as defined in the Road Traffic Ordinance. 

xiii)      Words and expressions importing the masculine gender include the female. 

4.                  Conditions of entry


i)              The driver must be the holder of a valid driving licence. 

ii)            Every vehicle must have a valid vehicle licence issued by The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and be covered by Third Party Insurance. 

iii)          No learner driving is permitted on hall premises. 

iv)       The owner and/or driver must bear all liability for and indemnify PolyU against any damage to property and/or persons which may be caused by his vehicle or by his control or management of his vehicle on hall premises. 

5.                  Application


Application for a car parking space in the Halls should be made to the Hall Administration and upon approval, the Control Room will offer a remote controller of the drop-bar and a parking label for adhering onto the window screen of the car under application.

          6.               Type of hall parking permission and its validity period


Subject to availability of parking spaces, parking permission of ONE parking space can be granted to each of the following categories of applicants/entities. The validity period is usually one year for each term and may be renewed if needed. However, the validity period shall expire early when the applicants cease to work for hall (e.g. wardens, tutors, hall staff and hall contractors) or cease to reside in hall (e.g. immediately family members of wardens/hall residential staff, and student residents). 


i) Class A (Administrative staff) permission

·            Granted to Hall Wardens, and residential staff of the Hall Administration

ii) Class F (Family member) permission

·        One additional hall car park permission could be granted at a monthly fee to the immediate family member of the Class A permission holders subject to availability

iii) Class P (PolyU staff) permission

·            Granted to PolyU staff working on hall premises

iv) Class C (Contractor) permission

·    Granted to designated contractor of non-PolyU entities working on hall premises, such as Property Services Contractor, hall caterer, etc.

·            Normally one car parking space may be reserved to each entity depending on their operation need.

v) Class T (Tutor) permission

·            Granted to Senior Hall Tutors

vi) Class S (Student) permission

·            Granted to Hall student residents with disability or students with exceptional parking need


        7.               Car Parking Charges


i)                   Permission for Class A, Class P and Class C are free of charge. 

ii)                 Class F, Class T and Class S permits are charged at a rate of $2,000.00 per month. 

iii)               Motor-cycles and scooters of Class F, Class T and Class S are charged at a rate of 000.00 per month. 

iv)            Monthly parking fee for Class F, Class T and Class S must be paid by 5:00 p.m. on the last working day of the previous month, either by cash or cheque payable to "The Hong Kong Polytechnic University". 

v)               Monthly parking fee is non-refundable. 

vi)            No charge is required from staff/student resident with disability who can produce the disabled person's parking permit issued by the Transport Department. 

vii)             Administration charge for parking - chargeable at a rate of HK$40 per hour. 

viii)           Administration charge for parking at reduced rate of $20 per hour during mass check-in/out period.


8.               Conditions for granting hall parking permission


i)             A parking permission will only be granted to an applicant whose vehicle is registered with the Government Transport Department in his name or his spouse's name. He must also be covered by Third Party Insurance and be in possession of a valid driving licence. 

ii)               The Head(SRRL) may issue an additional permission to the hall car park holder under exceptional circumstances. 

iii)             The grant of Class T permission is subject to car park space available in the Halls for overnight parking. Applications for Class T will only be considered and processed at the Approval of the respective Hall Warden. In situations where applications for Class T exceed the number of parking quotas available, lottery may be applied. 

iv)         Class S permission will only be granted to students with disability or those with exceptional need for parking. Their application must be supported and approved by the respective Hall Warden and subject to the car park space available for overnight parking. In situations where applications for Class S exceed the number of parking quotas available, lottery may be applied. 

v)           For all car parking applications or renewal, the relevant documents including valid registration of vehicle, the Third Party Insurance of the vehicle and driving licence of the applicant are to be produced to the Hall Administration for inspection. 

9.               Time of entrance and parking


i)                For Class A, Class F, Class T, Class S permission, the time of entrance is unrestricted. 

ii)            For Class C, Class P permission, time of entrance and parking is restricted to the hours between 0700 hours and 2300 hours.


10.            Overnight Parking


i)             Overnight parking (i.e. parking within the period between 2300 hrs. and 0700 hrs.) is permitted for Class A, Class F, Class T and Class S permission only. 

ii)                For non-permission granted vehicles parked overnight inside the carpark, an impounding fee of $320 will be applied.


11.              Visitor Parking


i)               Visitors (i.e. non-permission granted vehicle drivers) are required to obtain a ticket at the Control Room at the carpark entrance. 

ii)               A free drop-off time of 30 minutes is allowed in hall car park. Should the time as specified be exceeded, administration charge for parking will be applied counting from the time when the vehicle enters the carpark. 

iii)             Any visitor, including official visitors, parking a vehicle will be charged at administration charge for parking if they do not have prior approval from Hall Administration or Hall Wardens on departure.


12.             Enforcement


i)           Authority for the application and enforcement of these regulations and all matters appertaining to them is vested by the PolyU. 

ii)         Responsibility for the application and enforcement of these regulations and management of the car park is delegated to the Hall Administration.


13.             Private Road


i)          The hall premises is the property of the PolyU. The security staff has legal right to stop vehicles from entering the Halls, and to control their movement while within the hall premises. 

ii)          The provisions of the Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Ordinance, Cap.374 is applicable and enforceable to the hall premises.


14.            Speed Limits 

Whenever a vehicle is driven in the car parking area, the speed must not exceed 10 km/hr. 

15.             Traffic Signs 

Traffic signs, if any on hall premises, must be obeyed at all times. 

16.            Motor Cycles and Scooters

All persons riding on motor cycles or scooters on hall premises must wear appropriate safety helmets. 

17.             Noise and Air Pollution


i)           Vehicles making excessive noise due to defective or inadequate silencers or for any other reason will not be permitted to operate on hall premises. 

ii)            The sounding of horns or other warning devices, except for safety reasons, is prohibited on hall premises. 

iii)          Vehicles causing air pollution as defined by relevant government agencies will be prohibited on hall premises. 

18.            Parking Space


i)          No vehicle may be parked or left unattended on hall premises other than in a designated parking space. (If a vehicle becomes disabled, the owner should notify the Control Room immediately). 

ii)               Motor-cycles and scooters should not be parked in any space except those allocated to motor-cycles and scooters. 

19.            Parking of Large Vehicles 

Vehicles higher than 1.9m are required to park at the designated lot. 

20.           Liability


Any vehicle parked on the hall premises is parked entirely at the owner's risk. The Halls shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage to the vehicle, the driver, or any passenger or any of their property due to any cause whatsoever. 

21.             Loss of Parking Tickets or remote controller of the carpark barrier bar


If a hall car park holder loses a remote controller of the carpark barrier bar, he must report to the Control Room. If replacement is required, he has to submit a written application to the Hall Administration. A fee of $400 for a remote controller will be charged. 

22.            Renewal of permission

For Class A and F permission, renewal will be made upon producing particulars of the vehicle licence and relevant documents to the Hall Administration for inspection. 

For all other permissions, a new application is required for every extension or renewal. 

23.            Return of remote controller of the carpark barrier bar


Hall car park holders who change their vehicles are required to inform the Hall Administration with valid documents including vehicle licence and Third Party insurance immediately for updating the records accordingly. 

The hall car park holders who have disposed of their vehicles without replacement or who have resigned from PolyU are required to return the remote controller of the carpark barrier bar to the Hall Administration immediately. 

24.           Stolen or misused remote controller of the carpark barrier

It will be regarded as a serious offence, and in appropriate cases police action may be sought, if a remote controller of the carpark barrier is stolen or misused by any person who drives in a vehicle without permission. 

25.            False Information

Any applicant, who is granted permission with a car parking space in the Halls and is given a remote controller of the carpark barrier by giving false information, shall immediately forfeit his privilege of parking on hall premises and any permission granted and remote controller of the carpark barrier shall be withdrawn forthwith. 

26.           Penalties for Offences

Hall car park holders who violate any of these regulations will have their vehicular access to the hall car park and/or parking privileges withdrawn. Normally:

i)              For a first offence, a written warning will be sent to the hall car park holder or affixed to the vehicle. 

ii)            For a second offence, a final written warning will be sent to the hall car park holder or affixed to the vehicle and copied to the respective Warden (if applicable). 

iii)          A third or any subsequent offence will be penalized by restricting the vehicle from entering the Halls for a period of time judged by the Hall Administration to be proportionate to the seriousness of the offence. 

27.            Power to reject permission renewal

The Hall Administration may refuse to grant or renew any permission if the applicant contravenes any of these regulations. 

28.           Vehicle Repair

No unauthorized repair of vehicles on hall premises is permitted. If the owner of a vehicle authorizes a garage to tow his vehicle away, the Control Room must be informed of his authorization in writing. 

29.           Removal of Vehicle

The Halls reserves the right to move or relocate, without prejudice, any vehicle parked in a location causing traffic obstruction or creating safety hazard. 

30.           Immobilization of Vehicle

Vehicles found contravening any of the provisions as stated in the Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Ordinance or any of the regulations stated herein may be immobilized by the Hall Administration by the use of wheel clamps. The vehicles will only be released after payment of HK $320. 

31.             Appeal

Appeals against any ruling or decision of the Hall Administration should be made to the Head(SRRL) or his delegate whose decision will be final and binding. 

32.            Disposal of Vehicles

The Halls may dispose of any abandoned vehicle after 3 months, and may recover the costs of disposal from the owner or from the hall car park holder if he is not the registered owner. 

A vehicle will be deemed to be abandoned if it is parked in the carpark for a period of 7 days or more without authorization, or the road licence issued by the Government is invalid or the vehicle's owner has left PolyU employment. PolyU may without prejudice, dispose of any detained vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Regulations. 

33.            Revision

The above regulations are subject to revision by the Office of SRRL as and when deemed necessary.


Hall Administration 

Office of Student Resources and Residential Life 

Centre STARS 

July 2018



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