Regulations Governing Summer Hall Residence

Regulations Governing Hall Residence” should generally apply to summer residence unless otherwise specified below.

1) Eligibility and Priority

All current full-time students of UGC-funded degree programmes, including final year students, are eligible to apply for Summer Residence, except inbound exchange students whose student visa will expire in semester 2 of the academic year and students who are living/have resided in off-campus housing managed by the University  in the same academic year.

2) Allocation Principles

In case of overwhelming demand, priority will be offered to non-local students, Hall Associations members and current hall residents. Local applicants will be further prioritized by their living locations and home environment as quantified in the part A and B of the Point Scoring Mechanism (PSM).

On the condition that all students of UGC-funded degree programs have been admitted, other full-time students may also be admitted for summer residence subject to availability. Similarly, non-local students will be given higher priority and local students will be further prioritized by their living locations and home environment. 

3) Payment Terms

a) New residents are required to pay Hall Caution Money of $500 (refundable subject to no claim on room inventories upon check-out) while current residents will have their Hall Caution Money for the current year carried forward, provided there is no outstanding claim.

b) For withdrawal from Summer Residence, a Residence Cancellation Fee of $500 will be levied before refund arrangement. If residents withdraw the hall residence within the last 2 weeks of the summer residential period, the remaining hall lodging fee shall be forfeited as the Residence Cancellation Fee.

4) Deferred payment of Hall Fee

Application of deferred payment of Hall Fee for summer term will not be considered.

5) Late Applications

All applications submitted after the application deadline will not be eligible to pair-up room-mates and the Hall Administration reserves the right to reject their applications in any circumstances.

6) Hall and Room Allocation

In general, successful applicants of current residents will be allocated to the same hall building and individual hall where they are living. However, in order to best utilize resources, they may be required to move to another hall, room type or suite within the same hall building if necessary. Students should follow the hall and room allocation result. Subsequent request for hall/room transfer will not be entertained.

7) Pair-up of Room-mates

a) Applicants can indicate their room-mates via an on-line facility with mutual agreement.

b) Applicants who have not indicated their room-mates will be assigned one(s) by the Hall Administration. In order to best utilize resources, in case the room type assigned cannot be arranged, applicants without room-mates may be assigned to another available room type.

c) The Hall Administration reserves the right to make a final decision on room allocation in any case of dispute.

8) Room Change (for current residents)

If current residents are required to move to another room, they will be notified with the room change arrangements by email. If students cannot complete the room transfer within the period specified, they shall understand and agree that the Halls will move their personal belongings to their new assigned room without their presence. They will also be subject to administration charges including a) a penalty fine of $44 per day for holding 2 beds, b) a fine of $100 per day and other charges as deemed necessary. The University disclaims any liability for the loss and damage to the personal belongings of the residents concerned. 

9) Summer Extension (the period between Summer Residence and next Residential Year)

Students who have a hall offer of next residential year can apply for residence in Summer Extension Period. Applications must reach the Hall Administration and the lodging fee associated must be settled before the deadline. Failure to do either one will invalidate the applicants' entitlement to residence during the Summer Extension Period.



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