In the event of Shut-in-lift

If you are shut-in a lift

  1. Remain calm;
  2. Press the alarm button in the liftcar to notify the security control room;
  3. Communicate with the security officer using the intercom;
  4. Be patient and wait for help;
  5. NEVER try to force open the lift doors to get out.

If you notice someone being shut-in a lift

  1. Call the security control room (Hung Hom: 3159 0099; Homantin: 3996 2099);
  2. If you know which level the liftcar is staying, try to assure the person(s) inside;
  3. Wait for the arrival of the emergency response team and provide them with necessary information.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 17:16