Emergency Reporting

In case of emergency when life and/or property is/are endangered, please call the emergency hotline of your hall (Hung Hom Halls: 3159 0099; Homantin Halls: 3996 2099) for assistance. The team will be dispatched to the scene to render on-the-spot assistance. If the situation demands, the security control room will request assistance from Police, Fire Services and/or Ambulance.

Nature of Incident

  1. Fire;
  2. Any injury;
  3. Electric shock;
  4. Person reported seriously sick;
  5. Person reported shut in lift;
  6. Flooding;
  7. Any crime;
  8. Any other incidents that life or property is endangered.

When calling for help, please give :-

  1. Full detail of location of incident;
  2. Nature of incident with brief description;
  3. Any person(s) injured in the incident;
  4. Your name, location and contact telephone number.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 16:56