EMERGENCY level of Public Health Alert to Flu H1N1 (Swine Flu)

The HKSAR Government had raised the public health alert level to its highest, the EMERGENCY level last night (1 May 2009), with a H1N1 flu case confirmed in HK.

Please rest assured that all preventive measures and continence plan of the University to curb this H1N1 flu pandemic have been implemented in the Student Halls.

Knowing that most of you are busy preparing for the final exams, please be reminded of the following IMPORTANT & URGENT messages:

  1. As the H1N1 is spread by respiratory droplets (not air-borne), do remember covering any coughing or sneezing. Collect a surgical mask, free of charge, at all key entrances in the Student Halls;
  2. Be more conscientious to observe the hall hygiene protocol, maintan a balanced diet, frequent hand washing and sufficient rest at all times;
  3. If you have any flu symptoms, please consult University Health Clinic immediately and report to 24-hour Hall Security Control Hotline (Tel: 3159 0099). In case if you may wish to check your body temperature, thermometers are available at the G/F Visitor Registration Counter;
  4. Windows at the Common Areas will not be locked. It is fine if you may wish to switch on the air-conditioning and close the windows, the ventilation is sufficient.

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