Health & Safety

PREVENTION is the key to avoid accidents.  However, accidents can still happen.  Major accidents may lead to emergencies which threaten human lives and university properties.  In order to help everyone to prepare for such situation with an aim of minimizing personal injury and property damage, it is prudent to adhere to the following priorities when encountering an emergency :-

  • Personal Safety, yours and others;
  • Protect University Property.

The Hall Administration has established emergency procedures with an aim of assisting you to protect yourself and others.  You are therefore advised to read through these emergency procedures in particular the emergency telephone numbers.  The golden rule is DON’T WAIT UNTIL THERE IS AN EMERGENCY.


Useful Telephone Numbers


Hung Hom Halls

Homantin Halls

  Security Control Room (24-hr)

3159 0099

3996 2099

  Hall Reception

3159 0000

(08:30 – 23:00)

3996 2000

(08:30 – 23:00)




Health, Safety and Environment Office

34008396   (officehours)

University Health Service

27665433      (officehours)

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