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Lizhi Hall Orientation Camp, 2004
3rdSeptember - 5thSeptember

Lizhi Hall Jessie Chan

“It was so funny!”— Jacqueline
“Probably the best O' Camp at PolyU,”— FongFong
“Scenes of the camp still flashing in my mind,”— Jessie
“We are still keeping contact with each other, like some re-union, just like a big family…”— Amy

Since my first day at the Polytechnic University, I have heard that students living at Lizhi Hall are different from others. However, nothing has convinced me until the Lizhi Hall Orientation Camp, 2004.

The O’ Camp not only reflected the tradition of Lizhi Hall O' Camp, but also showed up the hall spirit and team power of Lizhians by challenging different tasks in the 3-day camp.

On the first day, we played a cascade of ice-breaking games. Freshmen got familiar with each other and became more involved in the activities. The highlight of that day undoubtedly was the game ‘treasure hunt’ at night. Freshmen ran, shouted, cheered and sweated to find out all the judges hiding at hall! Although there were loss and wins, it did not hurt the friendship since they are all Lizhians!

The second day continued with several mass games and adventure games, like ‘rope stretching’ and ‘human tank’. These games aimed to impress freshmen by their team power and boost the atmosphere of the O' Camp. At night we played games inside our rooms together with the former Lizhi Hall ex-co. It was regarded to be the craziest night ending with smiles and tears.

On the final day, we played games like ‘Top of the World’ for fun. Time passed quickly. Lizhi Hall 3-day Orientation Camp 2004 ended by taking warm ‘family’ pictures.

‘To Make Freshmen Be Part of Our Family’ is the theme of Lizhi’s 2004 O' Camp. According to the freshmen, the camp helped them know more about the hall and make new friends in an entirely new environment within a short time. All O' Camp helpers and hall ex-co achieved their goal successfully. As a freshman Leo said “I am proud to be a Lizhia!!”.


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