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Kaiyuan O' Camp

Kaiyuan Tutor Michelle Luo

How to help new residents to get familiar with the new environment? How to help them get to know the warden, tutors and hall associations? How to encourage them to immerse themselves into our big family? How to make them feel as ease as at home? To answer the above questions, the warden, the tutors and hall associations of Kaiyuan Hall have made great effort to design and launch a variety of activities during the O' Camp. The pig-cutting ceremony is the tradition of Kaiyuan, also the pith and peak of the O' Camp, which expresses our welcome and blessing for the new hallmates. Other activities are treasure-hunt, camp-fire, welcome-dinner, etc. Although the o’camp of 2004 was over, the joyful memory will always remain in our mind…

Well, that is just the beginning, dear Kaiyuaniants, get yourselves ready for the forthcoming joy and fun!!


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