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The Dormitory

"It's a hotel!" When I opened the door of my friend's dorm, I could’t believe I was in a student hostel. The setting of the room just resembles those small hotels' room. Agree?

That was what I felt when I first came to this hall to visit my friend. Two months later, I moved into this "hotel". Since then, I have fallen in love with it.

The facilities are superb, but they are not the only reason why this place is so enchanting. It was the people who encroach on and enhance our lives.

I live in the girls' dorm. Many people told me that the lady’s hall was always boring, having no fun and no guys! Well, I don't care or believe them at all.

What happens in this fabulous ladies' hall is that we have regular gatherings every Thursday evening. For instance, we have the sweet soup, herbal tea and fruit gatherings; films, karaoke or games night. We have a cleaner kitchen than all the other halls. We win the cleaning competition every year. We show love and care to each other. Xuemin is the most friendly and warmest hall (the comment I heard from residents of other halls). Another thing, which impressed me, is our warden, Jenny, who joins nearly all those gatherings we have. Her presence tells us she wants to know more about us, wants to share and supports us in the ways she can.

I am thankful for the effort put by the hall management team, which makes this a "home away from home" so charming to me. People working here and helping us to make lives easier are gracious. I appreciate all their work. What’s more, I enjoy all those hall education classes, like Yoga, Chinese Painting, dancing and so on.

If you had not lived in the dormitory before, I would highly recommend you to join us here. Living in the student hall is not only about learning to be independent, but also learning the arts of life and getting along with people. Hope to see you around!

Edited by Desiree (27/9/04)

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