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Wanna Look More Beautiful & Attractive?
Learn the tactics of cosmetics

Lisheng Desiree Lui

All girls wish to look beautiful. University students are no exceptions. Wearing make-up has become one of the solution to look attractive. In fact acquiring the skills of applying make-up is no easy task. Attending the professional courses is also expensive. Thanks to Hall Management Office, 40 hall female residents were able to take the make-up class, paying only $20. The course was jointly organized by “Nina Ricci” on G/F.

Perhaps many of you have not heard about “Nina Ricci”. It is a well established brand which originated in France. The company’s activity was first based on fashion, then developed into perfumery and cosmetic products. The 40 hall residents were first given the chance to try their products while the make-up artist taught everyone the process of skin care. The products of skin care include the cleanser, moisturizer and lotion. Everyone looks refreshed after following the steps of cleaning.

The special highlights were the tips on applying casual make-up and party make-up. The hall residents were looking at the make-up artist attentively while he demonstrated two different types of make-up on the cheek of one student. He emphasized on the skills of putting eye shadow and the combination of color that can mix and match. After the demonstration, students were required to apply make-ups on their own faces while the tutor provided further help. Everyone looked fresher and more spirited in the end.

What’s more, every participant was given a souvenir, including samples of foundation and mask. Not only did the students acquire the techniques of using cosmetics, they also developed keen interest in make-ups. Plus, they all enjoyed looking more beautiful at the end of the evening.


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