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Words from Co-ordinator

Tung Minyin Hall

Hello, everyone! I am one of the coordinators this year and I would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes to read this for a brief insight into my feeling.

Before the semester commenced, I was told I would be appointed as the new coordinator. I was delighted to have such an opportunity. At the same time, I felt a bit unconfident because of my ability. Since this is my final year, I have to put much effort on my final project. Time is limited. Can I afford to lead the Student Editorial Committee?

With the full support from wardens and the committee members, I took up the post. Nevertheless, it is really a tough task to manage my time. I feel much pressure to deal with everything. After coordinating with all members for a certain period, I perceive that managing a team is not easy at all. The worry is that not everything can be finished as planned. I really wish that all committee members are highly motivated and can finish their bits on time.

Anyway, it is fun to work for the hall magazine and we are all learning.