A Significant Experience

Borned in a small county, I once thought myself to be inferior to the city students, who got better education than me before high school. But this thought had changed.

On December 28th, I took part in the “XISU·IDEA Cup” High-School English Debate Invitational Tournament organized by Xi'an International Studies University and International Debate Education Association. I was awarded the personal second prize among the 40 debaters and became one of the 4 best debaters after five round debates within a whole day about: “Economic development and environmental protection, which is superior?” Although we had to decide the sides through tossing a coin before each debate, my partner and I got the economic side for every debate! Only 12 of the 40 students and 3 excellent teachers won the qualification to take part in the International Debate Exchange Program Selection Camp, which would be held two months later, and I was one of them. 4 outstanding students and one teacher would have the opportunity to go to America for the International Debate Competition for High School Students.

From March 12th to 14th, in the selection camp, we did various kinds of activities. I found out although I was pretty good in my school, there were a bunch of excellent students from other high schools. This was only in Xi’an, let alone China and the world! I simply felt that I was so tiny that I must strive to shake the world.

During the three days of English-only activities, I experienced the most unforgettable thing in my life. That was the first time for me to actively use English, the language, to communicate with others. That was also the moment in which I was greatly shocked by other students' fluent English. But, being one of the best debaters, my English was not bad. Actually, I did a good job. And in my opinion, it was other city students’ more outgoing character that made them perform better. Sometimes I really had much to say, but I was a bit timid to express myself and give my presentation. For this reason, I failed the selection.

I was told the result one month afterward. When I was young, America has been a mysterious, sacred place to me. My resolve to go to America gets stronger as I have grown up. My coming to Xi’an to study not only gave me a better education, but also provided me the chance to fulfill my dream. I suddenly realized during my 17 years life, I have never been such close to my dream other than this unique trip. The access to America was so close but I didn't catch it.After that, I devoted my spare time to practice English and worked awfully diligently on other subjects. This event always stimulated me when I felt discouraged. I said to myself that I must be better than them in the future.


Written by David Wang Chengde hall

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