Interview with Miss Irene Chen and the Best Presenters in Table Topics Contest 2005

The Table Topics Contest 2005 has been a great successful event in the Hall and has brought us a fabulous evening.

Miss Irene Chen, who is the Chief Judge of the contest, is a speaker and trainer, specializing in the art of effective communication. She has expressed some criteria in choosing the best candidates among the presenters.

First, she always focuses on the content of the speech and the presenting style of the presenters. Second, she concerned in deep whether the speech is logical and whether the presenters fully understand about the topic that they have. For advising those who have interest in participate this contest for the next year Table Topics Contest, she suggested that they should concern more about the recent events happened in the society. She said that reading also helps in gaining knowledge in various aspects. Last but not least, the observation is also one of the important elements for equipping ourselves.

We have also interviewed the best performers---- Miss Luk Ka Ki (Cantonese Best Presenter- -WH,) Mr. Zhu Yauyi (English Best Presenter-WX), and Mr. Xie Peng Liang (Putonghua Best Presenter-CD). They all have a coincident answer of having valid experience in the Table Topics and giving speeches.

Miss Luk Ka Ki was also the 2nd runner-up in the Cantonese Group of the Table Topics Contest last year. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhu Yauyi and Mr. Xie Peng Liang have been well trained in giving speech. Mr. Zhu have been participate actively in PolyU and have speech training almost once a week; while, the latter one who comes from Xinxi, has abundant experience in giving speech during his college life. He would like to thank for the judges and his Hall---- Chengde Hall.

Ms Irene Chen

Ms Irene Chen was giving her review for the contest.

Miss Luk Ka Ki

Miss Luk Ka Ki received her Best Presenter Award!

Mr Zhu Yauyi

Mr Zhu Yauyi was talking about what happen when he is 99.

Mr Xie Peng

Mr Xie Peng Liang was so cheerful when he received the Best Presenter Award.

All Winners

Let's get celebration here!

Written by Elva Yeung

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