The Xuemin High Table Dinner

Second Encounter

The Xuemin Hall High Table Dinner of the first semester was held on 4 November 2005. It was a joint university high table dinner with Ricci Hall and Student Hall of Residence of the University of Hong Kong. This was the second time we have joint hall high table dinner with Ricci Hall.

Most of the Xuemin and Ricci Hall residents joined the function and all of the boys and girls were dressed up. There were two honourable guest speakers invited to join the dinner, Mr David Lui and Mr Pacino Wan. Both of them are the alumni of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr David Lui was the Chairman of a consultant company and Mr Pacino Wan is a well known fashion designer in China and Hong Kong. They shared their life and working experience with us which is very helpful and precious.

Written by: Cheryl Lai

The following are some snapshots from the High Table Dinner

The Cocktail Session
Residents meet new friends and chat with each other

Mr Pacino Wan and a model wearing the gown he designed

The Dance Floor
The boys are inviting the girls to dance after dinner

Snapshot with friends

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