Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

To My Dearest Hallmates

Wu Yuen Kwan Justine   Minyin Hall


I enjoy every moment with you

I remember

We once had a ¡¥car race¡¦ in the corridor

We sat on our chairs and raced to the lifts

I remember

I once cried my eyes out

You cried with me

We share our laughter

We share our tears


I wholeheartedly thanks for your infinite support to me

With you backing me up, I get the power to strive for my goals

With you being my forever listener at difficult times, I get recovered quickly

I just want to let you know

I always stand by you whatever happens

Just like how you stand by me


My dearest hallmates

You light up my hall life

You give me sweet memory about our hall life


How blessed I am to have known all of you

I love you all!