Hall eMagazine

Issue 13

To the my dearest roommate YSL

Chong Ma Lee Mary   Xuemin Hall

Perhaps, everything is in GodíŽs hands. Who knows a stranger would become my best friend after just a couple of months.

You and I are completely stranger to each other before moving into the hall. In early September, the atmosphere was so lifeless in the corners of our room without you. I wondered when the lonely days would end until we met.

Friendship starts to build up day by day. At the beginning of the first semester, we are still not very familiar with each other. Experiencing the brand new school and hall life, we adapt to the new environment and grow up together. From the examination periods to my birthday, and up till now, we share every single moment of happiness and also the bitter time. Whenever I am depressed, you always put a warming note in my drawer to cheer me up, give me encouragement.

The last time that I received the note was sometimes in the last month .It was a terrible day that I was very sick and lost my voice suddenly. You were so worried that you accompanied me to the 24-hour clinic nearby. I could hardly speak, even a word, on the days afterwards and only wrote on papers to communicate with you. Then, I discovered that you put a note again in my drawer secretly, writing to me, supporting me spiritually. Though feeling very sick, I was moved that you cared me so much. Not long after my recovery, you caught a cold and it was my turn to look after you.

Living in a home away from home, we have to learn live independently as well as to accept the differences of each other. It is obviously not an easy task and sometimes we do have arguments though they rarely occur. Luckily, the misunderstandings doníŽt affect our relationship but give chances for us to understand each other to a greater depth.    

I know that you would probably feel uneasy if your see your name appear in the title of this essay .I remember that you once told me that your name is somehow related to YSL, a brand name, therefore, I put YSL instead of your real name in the title of this essay. Dear YSL, I would like to express my gratitude to you for concerning, accepting me. I do treasure the invaluable friendship between you and I. Also, thanks God for arranging YSL as my roommate!